Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello World! I have emerged from the dark pit of "editing" to share with you a slideshow of Avery's Trick-or-Treating experience. We went to Michael's cousin, Meredith's, house with the kiddos for Halloween. The entire bottom floor of her house was decorated top to bottom in Halloween decor. I felt like I was in 4th grade again for our Halloween party at school. SO. MUCH. FUN!! Great job Meredith:)

After letting the kids slide in the living room for an hour, we ate, then headed out for trick or treating. Avery was SUPERGIRL and Jonathan her cousin was SUPERMAN! Everyone kept asking if they were twins. They are only 1.5 months apart, blonde, and we could've just had fun and said, "Yea! They are!" Avery wanted to eat her candy after the first house, but she held out until about the 5th house until she dug into her sucker! Enjoy the slideshow.