Tuesday, June 26, 2012

According to Avery

Here are a few random comments made by Avery.  They always seem so funny in person....hopefully the humor won't be lost on here.

While playing pretend, Avery pointed to me and said, "That's my sweetheart."  I asked, "What can daddy be?" 
 "A WIZARD."  ((okkkkaayyy???))
 Throughout our entire vacation, she demanded to only drink "Gator Juice".  When Michael tried to convince her it's really called "Gatorade"...she argued back that it's GATOR JUICE.  From this point on...it will forever be called Gator Juice.  
 Michael over heard Avery introducing herself to some new friends at the beach with this killer intro...
"My name is Avery.  I know how to tee tee in the potty."
 I've sensed she can be a little forward with friends.  I witnessed this especially when she grabbed the hand of a much older girl and said, "Look at my precious shoes.  Come on sweetheart", and proceeded to drag her away.
When looking at a full moon one night, she told us, "Me and Mommy and Daddy and Cotton can go live on the moon and see God and Jesus on Tuesdays."
 Every morning I always ask her if she dreamed about anything and what?  She always says "Yes...Jesus".  The other day she told me, "Jesus talked to you (mommy) and told you to go make me some breakfast."  Well....I can't argue with Jesus!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

St. Simons Vacation - Loads of Pics

The first week of June provided us a chance to get away, relax, and eat.eat.eat!!!  We went to St. Simons Island, Georgia to stay for an entire week at The Beach Club.  Even though it did rain the last half of the week, we were able to get in some beach time.  

The first morning there, I had an engagement session to shoot for my business...so I got up early and enjoyed the sunrise with at least one of my favorite things (I really don't love coffee...but I do love the Truth).

While Michael went fishing early one morning with a guide on our boat, Avery and I rode my bike over to the Village and ate blueberry pancakes at The 4th of May.
 Michael has gotten really good at drying Avery's hair.  He helps get her ready so I can finish getting ready myself.  
Our first meal out that week was a stop at Catch 228 in Red Fern Village.  You can't order anything bad there!
Avery has become a pro at taking pictures with my phone.  This one was taken by her.  Quite impressive.

Hey! Let's hang out!
Our first day on the beach....
There were tons of sand dollars at the beach and Avery had a blast finding so many.  We actually brought home 14 sand dollars we bleached for her to keep.  She found at least double that number.
June 4th was our 7 year wedding anniversary.  Aunt Jessie came to babysit so we could have a nice dinner that didn't include crayons, chicken fingers, or potty breaks. While getting ready, Avery had us hold hands and made us get married again...while she sat on the pot!
Since we had a fourth person with us, I forced everyone into white clothes and made Jessie take family pictures of us!!! Thanks Jess:)
The reality behind the 'perfect' pictures....I was fed up!! 
Michael made reservations for us at Halyard's.  It was wonderful!
I'm so lucky I got the final rose;)  Now I can let my true colors shine!
The day after our anniversary, we took a boat ride from St. Simons over to Cumberland Island.  It was gorgeous and we were the only ones on the shore! 
On a lazy morning, I caught Avery locked into the Disney Channel....hair still unbrushed.  I love her face here.
The rain started to come, but we ran out to the beach to play before it forced us inside.
Our final dinner on vacation was at the Coastal Kitchen attached to the Golden Isle Marina.
Look at this precious outfit Mimi (Michael's mom) bought for Avery.  She was hamming it up.
Now it's her to turn to take some pictures.
Before going home, we made a pit stop in Glennville to see my dad (and I had a wedding to shoot).  Look at this beautiful sunset over his pond!
We had a wonderful time spending the week together. Thank you to Mr. Red for letting Michael off, thank you to MaMa and DaDa for letting us use the condo, and thank you to Jessica for baby sitting....even though you did drop the room keys down the elevator shaft! haha. 

More video footage of our time away can be seen here.