Tuesday, June 26, 2012

According to Avery

Here are a few random comments made by Avery.  They always seem so funny in person....hopefully the humor won't be lost on here.

While playing pretend, Avery pointed to me and said, "That's my sweetheart."  I asked, "What can daddy be?" 
 "A WIZARD."  ((okkkkaayyy???))
 Throughout our entire vacation, she demanded to only drink "Gator Juice".  When Michael tried to convince her it's really called "Gatorade"...she argued back that it's GATOR JUICE.  From this point on...it will forever be called Gator Juice.  
 Michael over heard Avery introducing herself to some new friends at the beach with this killer intro...
"My name is Avery.  I know how to tee tee in the potty."
 I've sensed she can be a little forward with friends.  I witnessed this especially when she grabbed the hand of a much older girl and said, "Look at my precious shoes.  Come on sweetheart", and proceeded to drag her away.
When looking at a full moon one night, she told us, "Me and Mommy and Daddy and Cotton can go live on the moon and see God and Jesus on Tuesdays."
 Every morning I always ask her if she dreamed about anything and what?  She always says "Yes...Jesus".  The other day she told me, "Jesus talked to you (mommy) and told you to go make me some breakfast."  Well....I can't argue with Jesus!

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