Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ballet...Round 2

Ballet began early this summer and Avery was ready to go.  I was pleased that she wanted to do it again (since I had already signed her up and all!!).   The best part about this year is that her very best friend, Alyssa, is in her class.  Her mom and I plan on carpooling together.  Some of my VERY.BEST. memories from childhood is carpooling with my best friend, Anna, to dance.  When I think of my childhood, Anna and dance are there. 
 I hope Avery will be able to say the same thing about Alyssa and dance.  Here's to a fabulous year!!!

 Avery and Alyssa at their first class together.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 days a week = eeeek!!

In less than 2 weeks, another school year starts for our "Avery Nanna".  She'll be in the 3-year-old class at Celebration Academy with her new teacher, Mrs. Sue.  As of yesterday, she is officially going to be attending school 4 days a week!!! I know this may not seem like a huge deal for some, but she's my one and only child...and just this spring I had only signed her up for 2 measly days.  I know she can handle it, she's mentally, physically, and socially capable.  I just hope I'm emotionally capable of seeing her go to school that many days, when she doesn't "have" to.  

Her school just opened a brand new building and we visited tonight for their open house.  Avery wasn't her usual self, and was very shy and timid, but I know she'll warm up in no time.

 She has SOOO many returning friends in her new class this year.  Lots of good girlfriends, and her one special "boyfriend" Wyatt....who she held hands with, like, every day last year;) haha.

She's already scoping out the new toys in her room.  I'm very excited to see this big transition for her, even though I'm a little sad to admit she's growing up so fast, I am confident she will benefit greatly!