Wednesday, September 7, 2011

According to Avery

I invite you to view the world..."According to Avery".

Me: "Avery, who works at the car lot?"
Avery: "Da (what she calls Michael's dad)...mmm, and Daddy"
Me: "Who else works at the car lot?"
Avery: "HO HO"

Me: "I hope you were nice to Alyssa when y'all played together. Did you hit her?"
Avery: "Nope."
Me: "Are you telling me the truth?"
Avery: "Nope."

While we were eating lunch in the mall's food court, she sees a young college age boy with medium length hair...looks at me....and says, "Mommy, that's God."

She really likes me to tell her the story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Her other new favorite interest is playing hide-and-seek. It was time for her nap, and she wanted to hide under the covers from the three bears. As she was hiding, she says..."C'mere three beeaarrrss....(insert kissy noise used to call dogs)....I gotta s'prise for yooouuu. It's mommy's boooobiiieee."
Me: ??!!!???!!!!

Combining the last two comments's another whopper. We're in bed again...this time it's at night and I'm trying to get her to sleep. She was being bad and acting up, not wanting to settle down and rest. I told her, "Avery, God sees you acting bad, and it makes Him really sad. He sees EVERYTHING you do." She says back to me, "God see mommy's boobie?" I roll my eyes and say, "Yes, He sees everything!"

We went to two showers last weekend, one was a bridal shower and the other a baby shower. She thought it was a birthday party, and vehemently requested cupcakes, and had all of the guests at the bridal shower sing "Happy Birthday" to the bride.