Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa!

Avery wanted to wish a very special Papa a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! These pictures were taken a week and a half ago during our visit home. Avery took the silly ones of dad:).

He was forced to "get married" and wear a crown with Avery.  Haha!! I can see where Jessica got her beauty pageant looks from:)

Helping her climb trees.  Just what farm girls do.

Dad teaching Avery about the cotton fields next to Bamaw's house.

We got him these awesome HOUSE DIVIDED corn hole boards. GEAUX DAWGS!!???

Happy birthday dad! We love you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School, Baby!!!

Our baby has gone back to school.  I had mixed emotions all month knowing she was going to be attending 4 days a week, but after I met her teacher twice, she relieved any anxiety I had.  This morning, I was excited and ready to send her off and just to start back on a routine.  I think it caught Michael off guard a bit because all he kept saying was, "She's just a tiny little baby.  She's too little to go to school (insert pouty face here)".  All I could think was...."It's been a loooooong summer!"  
Here she is in front of our same door she's stood in front of for every first (and last) day of school.  Check out Cotton the Creeper.
I had to fill out numerous forms before school began, and some of the questions pertained directly to Avery's likes...and *dislikes*.  They wanted to know what she enjoys doing: playing pretend and roll playing.  This girl is constantly acting like a different person, or animal, and creating scenarios for us to act out.  Half of the time she's doing her own One Act Play as a dog or something odd:)
They wanted to know what she's good at: ummmm, everything, duh! JK...I didn't write that.  I did say she is good with motor skills, building things, stacking things, and putting things together.  
Another question was "What are her fears?" - BUGS!  "How does she express her fear?" - VERBALLY!  (AHHH.... A BUG, A BEE, A SPIDER!!)
When Michael strapped her into the car seat, I told him to give her any last words before she started school.  He said, "Don't hold any boys' hands!"  She said, "But I WANT TO!"  He said, "No! You can hold a girl's hand, but not a boy's!"  She told him, "But I hold a boy's hand, just a little bit" and pinched her fingers together to indicate a tiny amount:)  She's a mess.  
 While waiting in carpool, we held hands and I prayed with her. 
"Dear Jesus....."
"Ok Avery, let's try this again.  Dear Jesus...."
We finally got a quick prayer out and it was mostly about her safety and that God will help her share, be nice, show manners, and listen to Mrs. Sue.  She reminded me to pray and ask God to protect her from the coyotes. That's a whole different post altogether!
Here is a video of our conversation before she got out of the car.

Here is a video of our conversation after I picked her up from her first day.  She was chomping down on some candy and trying to replay what happened that day.  It's a little scattered:)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ballet...Round 2

Ballet began early this summer and Avery was ready to go.  I was pleased that she wanted to do it again (since I had already signed her up and all!!).   The best part about this year is that her very best friend, Alyssa, is in her class.  Her mom and I plan on carpooling together.  Some of my VERY.BEST. memories from childhood is carpooling with my best friend, Anna, to dance.  When I think of my childhood, Anna and dance are there. 
 I hope Avery will be able to say the same thing about Alyssa and dance.  Here's to a fabulous year!!!

 Avery and Alyssa at their first class together.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

4 days a week = eeeek!!

In less than 2 weeks, another school year starts for our "Avery Nanna".  She'll be in the 3-year-old class at Celebration Academy with her new teacher, Mrs. Sue.  As of yesterday, she is officially going to be attending school 4 days a week!!! I know this may not seem like a huge deal for some, but she's my one and only child...and just this spring I had only signed her up for 2 measly days.  I know she can handle it, she's mentally, physically, and socially capable.  I just hope I'm emotionally capable of seeing her go to school that many days, when she doesn't "have" to.  

Her school just opened a brand new building and we visited tonight for their open house.  Avery wasn't her usual self, and was very shy and timid, but I know she'll warm up in no time.

 She has SOOO many returning friends in her new class this year.  Lots of good girlfriends, and her one special "boyfriend" Wyatt....who she held hands with, like, every day last year;) haha.

She's already scoping out the new toys in her room.  I'm very excited to see this big transition for her, even though I'm a little sad to admit she's growing up so fast, I am confident she will benefit greatly!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Avery's First Dentist Appointment

Today was Avery's first trip to the dentist office.  She was actually pretty excited about it.  I prepped her last night and pretended I was the dentist and flossed all of her teeth and then brushed them.  We faithfully brush her teeth every day, so I was not worried about any cavities.

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She sometimes resists the toothbrush, but I pretend there are granddaddy long legs and bugs in her mouth and the toothbrush gets them.  It works!  We've advanced onto Nemo, Dori, Gill, and Daddy Clownfish in her mouth.  Whatever works:)

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Ms. Joan cleaned her teeth and she also has been cleaning Michael's teeth since he was her age, too!  She is super sweet and made Avery feel very relaxed.

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She looks so little in that chair and the bib covers half of her body.

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Fish hook :)

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Avery did awesome and cooperated with everything Ms. Joan asked her to do.  She was excited about her pink toothbrush:)

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She got to pick a prize from the treasure basket.  Here she is showing off her ring, toothbrush, and clean teeth!!

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Cheeeeese!  On the way home we stopped through Chic-Fil-A for lunch.  In mid bite, she said, "Uh oh!  Food is going to get on my clean teeth.  I have to go home and brush them with my new toothbrush."

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