Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Avery goes to school!

Avery had her first day of BIG GIRL SCHOOL on Wednesday, September 15. Well, I call it 'big girl school", but it's really a "Mother's Morning Out" program. She will attend every Monday and Wednesday from 9am-1pm. I was so excited about the "MMO" just so I could get a chance to breathe, have 'me' time, clean the house, run errands and get to use both hands, and do WHATEVER I WANT!!

She's attending Celebration Academy, a preschool program at Celebration Church in Hoschton, Georgia. Michael's cousin, Meredith, told us about it and sends her son Jonathan there (thank you Meredith!!!). Now they are both in the same class! It's for children 15-24 months old, and there are 5-6 children in her class, depending on the day.

I had to pack her a bag for her first day of school. She needed diapers, wipes, a sippy cup, 3-ring binder, an extra change of clothes, and a few classroom items for her teacher.

They have a snack break in the morning and then eat lunch at noon. I had to pack her lunch and found these itty bitty lunchables that are mini-sized. The teacher said she only ate her crackers! What a pitiful lunch.
Of course we had to photograph this big day for all of us. Avery had no clue what was going on, but Michael and I were a little emotional. She had a great time running down the driveway at 8:45 a.m. while I chased her with a camera.
Every year before she starts another school year, I want to photograph her in front of our door. This is the very first "First Day of School" picture.
We can't forget daddy, (since he is paying for "MMO")!!!!
"Give Daddy a hug before you go to school".
Now it's Avery's turn to have her picture taken. Such a cutie pie! And look how long her hair is getting:) She has to wear closed toe shoes for playing outside on their playground.
We loaded her up in the car and let her watch "Go Diego, Go!" on the way there.
Butterflies are swarming in my stomach as I pull in the drive way. I've never done a carpool line before. I've had to work them as a teacher, but this one was much more nerve-racking being the mom in the driver's seat, dropping off her first born at her first day of school!!
At school she will have a theme each month. This month they learn about a circle, the color red, and the number 1!
I pulled up to the church and a sweet lady came straight to the car and unbuckled her from her seat. They don't want the mom's walking in the children to avoid tears from the kids. They don't consider tears from the mom's watching their babies get carried away for the morning.

Take a look at this video of our morning taking Avery to school for the first time. Be warned....tears will be shed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

da "Poop" face

Poop, poop...

Stinky and brown...
The more I sniff, the more I frown...
The more I poop, the more I smile...
So let's take poops all the while!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Story of You!

Michael's Aunt Jeannine is one of the most creative and giving people I know. We both share a love of photography, but Jeannine has me beat on making slideshows ;) She also puts the family's pictures together in personal books. The most recent book she gave us is one of mine, and Avery's, favorite!

It's called "Farmer Avery", and taken straight from my blog!

The best part about it is that it's a board book, so Avery can read it without tearing the pages.

The website is Check it out and make a story for your child with your own family pictures!

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Not Me Monday"

*It was NOT ME who let Avery eat the remains of fallen popsicles off our neighbor's driveway.

*I NEVER let Avery run around the house naked, fully knowing she is not potty trained.

*This HAS NOT led to "clean up on aisle 3"....more times than I can count.

Happy Monday Everyone!

The playroom

There's life before children, and then there's life after children. Our house is a perfect example of that, especially what we once called our computer room. It was decorated with Civil War memorabilia and many breakable items not friendly to babies.

It slowly transformed into a full-fledged playroom for Avery! We just needed more room for all of her toys and space she could call her own (other than the entire house). There's a family tree in the corner, a school bus themed slide, her daddy's table and chairs from when he was little, and a chalkboard so Avery can get her learnin' on. The chalkboard was a $20 picture from the Goodwill that I painted over with chalkboard paint, and then painted the frame white.

Somehow, my desk got pushed to the smallest wall in the room. It's my own personal corner that Avery allows me to have in her room.
One of mine and Avery's favorite things in the room is her "Family Tree". I ordered a wall decal online that stands 5 feet tall and added her family members.

She loves standing on her slide and pointing to everyone. Her face lights up when she sees people she recognizes.

"Where's Granddaddy??"

The next best thing in that room is her slide. It's the perfect "mini" size for her and doesn't take up that much room. It helps her practice her climbing and brings out her playful spirit.

Before we know it she'll be needing space in the driveway. AAAHH!!!