Monday, August 29, 2011

She is YOUR child!

Avery does so many things that make us immediately point to one another and say, "She's YOUR child!" I am convinced that there are features and character traits that she got directly from Michael. Here are a few:

She looks so much like Michael. She received his hair color, the way her eyes are set, his forehead, and hairline. Can you see the similarities??
Avery's 'peaches' also were handed down from her daddy. She has such a cute booty...just like Michael! haha.

Like I've told you before, she could live off chocolate milk. Her daddy was the same way, so I've been told. We NEVER had chocolate milk in the house, so I certainly didn't fall in love with it like Avery has.

She can throw a fit just like I've seen her daddy do on home videos shared by his momma:)

Avery and Michael share a love for shoes. I can live off the same pair of flip flops for yearssss....but not those two! They go through shoes like a teacher goes through hand sanitizer.

She also loooooves to dress up. As I recall from many pictures shared by Michael's mother, I've seen him in an outfit or two he wouldn't be caught dead in now. Mrs. Vickie (his mom) has told me about him dressing up as different characters when he was young.

Avery is Michael's child because she loves to sprinkle all of her food with pepper. Michael is obsessed with hot and spicy food, and douses everything with pepper. At first, I thought it was the 'fun' in sprinkling the pepper shaker that allured Avery. However, two nights ago she was LICKING the top of the pepper shaker. 'Nuff said!

I don't claim this last one...but only because Michael thinks it's true, I'll list it. Avery is Michael's child because she has his 'bird legs' :) Michael's buddies pick on him for his skinny legs, and he thinks Avery has them, too. He told her, "You have bird legs." She said, "No, you have bird legs Daddy!" Out of nowhere!


Avery is Paige's child b/c she looks like her when she does funny faces.

Avery and Paige also have this "Bart Simpson" lip...when they sleep their top lip sticks out an inch over the bottom lip.

They both sleep the same fetal positions, or their arms above their head.

Avery is Paige's child because she talks about dirty poo-poo and boogers.

She loves to dance...just like her mommy. Avery is always doing things to get our attention, just like Paige does things to get a rise out of me.

Avery is not a good driver, and Paige is not a good driver.

She is Paige's child because she acts just like her. She's not very lady-like, kinda vulgar.

((I would like to add that she is MY child because we both shared a love for the movie, Wizard of Oz, at a young age--Paige))

After all of our finger pointing...I think it's safe to say she is the perfect mixture of both of us.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

According to Avery

Lately, Avery has been talking up a storm and creating great sentences and conversations. She's so funny at this age (28 months), because she is now understanding how things work, logic, and putting things together. I'm reminded regularly of Art Linkletter and his old show "Kids Say the Darnest Things". Every day, I'm retelling a story to Michael of what Avery said that was so cute or funny (to me at least). I figured I'd share them and start calling these posts "According to Avery".... because I have a feeling there will be lots of material to share! So here it goes...

((NOTE: She calls herself A-E, or A-BEY))

Shouting in the backseat of the car, "A-E ONLY PRINCESS AT THE LAKE!! TAKE PICTUUUURREE!!"
"I'm a princeesssss" (putting the inflection on 'ceesssss') ... while shaking her booty side to side and twisting her hands back and forth.
When asked what she wanted to name a little sister, she said, "Nanna". Her little brother will be called, "Daddy Boy".

"Daddy tickle A-E's peaches".... when referring to her booty cheeks.
This girl could live off chocolate milk alone. Lately when I fix her milk, she'll do a taste test and say, "Uh-oh, not working"... and give it back to me to put MORE chocolate in it.
"PPppppppppfffffppppp" with her lips...then, "Peeewwww weeeee!"

Anytime she smells matter what it is...we'll ask her what it smells like and she says, "Like poo-poo".
She says to me, "You my Mommy". I say to her, "You're my daughter". Then she responds..."No, you my dawww-ter". Throughout the day she looks at me and says, "Hey my dawww-ter".
At bedtime after our prayers, she says, "Goodnight my mommy, goodnight my Paige, goodnight my Mi-hole (Michael), goodnight my dawww-ter".

"A-bey so tii-yerrd. Take nap."
"Uh-oh, bug bite me backside" (backyard/outside)
Avery does #2 in the potty now, and she was doing her business in the bathroom. I was waiting for her to come and get me when she was done, and as she ran into the living room, I expected her to say "All done." Instead, she is holding up a number 1 with her pointer finger and said, "That stinks. Stinks." I asked her what stinks and she said, "Finger stinks. In booty". OOOH LAAWWWDD!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Day at INK

Today was a very special day. It wasn't anyone's birthday, or holiday, or special occasion...but Michael DID take off from work this morning just to hang with his girls. This is an act of GOD and has NEVER happened before. I felt like a school girl this morning getting ready for a field trip. I was very excited:) We took Avery to INK, (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids) in Gainesville. It was really neat, with different rooms like a bank, post office, grocery store, court, dentist...etc. It really had everything you would imagine for the kids to discover and play. I think Michael and I had as much fun, or more, than Avery did. Not because the place was fun for adults...we just created our own fun;)

The first stop...the beauty shop. Avery was unsure of her stylist and wondered why she had a bald spot on top of her head.
Polka-dotted airplane.
She learned how to milk a cow.
And I learned that a cow's behind doesn't smell good.
Nice view, Michael.
Avery was just being sweet. She looked so cute in all her purple...every bit of it that Mimi bought!
Driving the antique fire truck.
Avery took her turn as court reporter.
Then as the judge.
Last stop was in the juror's seat.
Practicing her smirk at the prosecutor.
She visited the dentist. However, I don't recall my dentist giving me a raspberry on my belly.
She tended to the sick patients.
I showed her how to be an excellent teacher.
I couldn't find Michael for a little while. And there he was...creeping in the corner and stalking the little children.
"I'm king of the worrrrllllddd!!!"
Time to check out at the grocery store with cashier Michael.
HAHAHAHAHA! I couldn't stop laughing at this bc we don't even know who this other little boy is, but Michael was making this ridiculous face the whole time. Too funny!
We had a great morning and Michael said he wants to do this every other Friday. Yaaay!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paiges of Life...Volume 2

Like many authors, I have gotten over my creative block (or in better words, laziness!!!) and decided to rejoin the world of blogging. So here it blog...VOLUME 2 :) It's short and sweet....but a start. I've missed documenting about 8 months of Avery's life, so I will try and post some pictures from the past few months periodically. If you follow me on Facebook, you have seen how much she's grown. But not all of you use Facebook that this is for y'all.

Below are a few pictures of our 'baby'..I mean St. Simons from this summer. Enjoy the sweet pics.