Monday, September 6, 2010

The playroom

There's life before children, and then there's life after children. Our house is a perfect example of that, especially what we once called our computer room. It was decorated with Civil War memorabilia and many breakable items not friendly to babies.

It slowly transformed into a full-fledged playroom for Avery! We just needed more room for all of her toys and space she could call her own (other than the entire house). There's a family tree in the corner, a school bus themed slide, her daddy's table and chairs from when he was little, and a chalkboard so Avery can get her learnin' on. The chalkboard was a $20 picture from the Goodwill that I painted over with chalkboard paint, and then painted the frame white.

Somehow, my desk got pushed to the smallest wall in the room. It's my own personal corner that Avery allows me to have in her room.
One of mine and Avery's favorite things in the room is her "Family Tree". I ordered a wall decal online that stands 5 feet tall and added her family members.

She loves standing on her slide and pointing to everyone. Her face lights up when she sees people she recognizes.

"Where's Granddaddy??"

The next best thing in that room is her slide. It's the perfect "mini" size for her and doesn't take up that much room. It helps her practice her climbing and brings out her playful spirit.

Before we know it she'll be needing space in the driveway. AAAHH!!!

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