Thursday, April 22, 2010

11 months!

Little Avery Anna, the countdown has begun to your FIRST BIRTHDAY! Today you are 11 months old and the craziest little person we know. This past month was a big one as you accomplished many many milestones.

* You weigh 22 lbs and measure 28 inches long. (It was hard to measure you while keeping Cotton from licking all over your face)

*You wear a size 4 diaper and pretty much skipped 12 month clothing and now need 18 months clothes. You actually wear size 2T shorts!

*You celebrated your cousin Christina's 1st birthday with all of your other cousins.

*Y'all had a great time listening to music and singing along. (Well, maybe not singing, but staring at the music lady)
*You wear a size 3.5 shoe, but we just bought you a size 4 sandal to grow into.

*You celebrated your first Easter with church, lunch with Granddaddy and Grandma Ewing, your great-grandparents, and then an Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard.

*You never learned to crawl, but you are really fast at scooting on your bottom to get where you need to go.
*If something is low enough for you to grab, you pull up to a standing position. You took a little while to do this because all you had to do before was cry and I would pull you up myself.

*You have officially become an independent walker, although you still like to hold my finger when going long distances. You have walked all over the house before with your daddy and I near you, for safe measures:)
*You have three new teeth already showing; two on top and another on the bottom have cut through. There are two more teeth on top and one on the bottom that are getting ready to cut through.

*Teething has led to many sleepless nights. Which reminds me, you're still sleeping in our bed. I'll fight that battle later;)
*You learned so many new things this past month. You know that objects have a purpose and you try to accomplish them.

*You know how to play ball. We will roll the ball to you and you will give it back, whether placing it in our hands or throwing it back.

*You also try to feed us what you're eating. It's pretty sweet when you hold your hand to our mouth, until you give us something that's soggy from already being in your mouth!
*You can now play patty-cake, but would rather hold the outside of our hands and clap them together for us. You just learned how to give a high-five and will hit our hand with your right hand.
*You know what many things are. You know where to go when I ask you where your books are. You also can point to a ball and dog in a book, while you can grab a rubber ducky from the pile when asked where the duck is.
*You love to drive our cars, or your grandparents' mule! It is your absolute favorite thing to go riding on the mule, and you fuss when I put you in your carseat when instead you want to hold onto the wheel.
*I can't walk by our door in the house without you reaching for it, wanting to go outside. You will walk to the door and hold your hand up as far as it will reach to the door knob.
*You will also try to grab our sunglasses off our faces, and then attempt to put them back on our eyes. You also know that the pacifier goes in your mouth, and try to stick it our mouths!

*You made your second trip to the beach, but the first that you could actually do something since you were 2 months old last time. You didn't like the water so much but loved playing in the sand.
*You have been eating more and more table food, and love cheese, still! Your new favorite snack is Goldfish. You won't drink the juices for babies, but will only drink water (and milk).

*Green beans are a hit and you will always eat them when I put them on your plate.
*You have nailed three words, Mama, Dada, and Bye. However, all you really say now is long sentences that I cannot understand one word of! It's like you're speaking a foreign language.

*I forgot to also mention that you love taking keys out of their places and try to put them back in where you got them.
*When you see other children or dogs, you get so excited and point and scream at them. You really know how to flirt with people in the grocery store and flash your toothless smile.
*You've really become a Daddy's girl, which i knew would eventually happen. Our favorite thing of all that you do is give kisses, and when we ask for a kiss, you know exactly what to do!

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  1. So sweet! The picture of Avery in the wagon is one of my is such a great picture and I love the look on her face! Can you believe that our babies will soon be a year old??!?!? How did that happen?! Love the 11 month update - Avery is such a smart girl!