Friday, December 23, 2011

Year-End Wrap Up

We had my high school's 10 Year Reunion in Savannah. We already had a small graduating class from Pinewood, 37 when you try to get everyone together 10 years later...the group is even smaller.  It was a blast and those who came were my closest friends from school, anyway!

Avery was a "Halloween Princess" instead of the cute candy corn witch the costume was intended for. She wasn't into the she just was a 'princess' instead:)

Her cousins Bella and Jonathan...look at all those blue eyes!
Her BFF...Alyssa.

Avery was 2.5 in November, and I took her bi-yearly pictures in the mountains at my mom's neighborhood.  She's so grown up!
For four years now, our friends from Georgia College get together and have a "331 Thanksgiving".  It's called that because the address to their house in college was 331 West Montgomery Street.  The group just keeps growing each year with new babies and better halves.
My mom hosted Thanksgiving at her house in Jasper, Ga where she lives in Bent Tree.  It was a beautiful fall day and the food was AWESOME!  It was great having all of us together.  We were just missing my brother, Jacob.
Gymnast in training:)

I have been truly blessed to be a part of a women's bible study every week through 12Stone Church.  These are the cool girls at our Christmas party. We are doing a "Warrior Wives" study and it's been amazing.
Merry Christmas from the Ewings!  This was the front of our Christmas card.  You would have never known Avery drew all over her face 20 minutes before time to leave and thought she was a cat!  That girl keeps me busy:)
Jimmy Kimmel is a late night talk show host who told his viewers to let their kids open a present early for Christmas...but make it a horrible one...and film it.   Here's mine!

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  1. So great, Paige! I love your posts. That video is HILARIOUS. :-)