Wednesday, January 11, 2012

According to Avery

My daughter says some of the funniest things.  I wish I wrote down every single thing she's said lately because I know I can't remember all of them.  The cutest part about it is how she says it...with her funny expressions and serious tone.  Just imagine a 2-year-old saying all of this with a straight face and as serious as can be:)

(Warning...most of this involves pooting or poo, because it's funny...and reality.)

She passed gas and I said, "Avery...what was that? There's a frog in your diaper!"  She said, "No, it's a poot in my diaper".

When in the food court at the mall, she pooted. I said, "Avery, you shouldn't poot in public."  She told me, "No I didn't poot in public, I poot in mall."

The other morning she was sitting in her high chair waiting on me to fix her breakfast, and said, "Uh oh mommy.  I smell poo-poo from my breaff". First lesson on morning breath...learned.

Around Christmas time she was learning about Jesus, baby Jesus, and how it was his birthday.  She poked her belly out and told me, "I have baby Jesus in my bellll-yyyyy".

She will ask either Michael or me, "Will you marry me?"  Then she puckers up and gives us a sweet kiss and yells, "Yaaaay! We're marrrieeed!!"

While holding her Cinderella princess doll, she kissed her and said, "I lubz (love) her.  That makes my heart all better."

I told her, "You're so cute I could just eat you up!"  She replied, "No, you already had chicken nuggets!"

When I put her socks on, I pretend to eat her toes so she has to hurry up to put on her socks.  She tries to distract me from eating her toes by offering alternative options.  She holds out her hand and says, "Here's a strawberry, mama.  Eat this banna (banana)."

Every time I tell her, "You're my sweet baby." Her immediate response is, "No, I'm a princesssss!" (And she believes it, too!)

I take her picture so often, she is now posing for my pictures without me telling her.  This week she said, "Make sure the flash is on!"

When she gets excited about telling me something, she starts to stutter and can't get out what she's thinking.  It sounds like, "Uhh, Mama, Mama, Uhhhh, Ma, Mee, Mama, Uhhhhh....I love you." haha.

She loves dressing up as princesses and lately, her choice of dress is Belle's.  She's been watching some Beauty and The Beast DVD's and gets a little creative.  She tells me, "I be Belle, you be Beast.  Oh Beast...Beast? Where's Beast? I can't find him anywhere!"  When she finds me, I roar and say, "Belle! Roar!" Then she walks toward me as slow as Christmas, while fluttering her eyelashes so much she looks like she's having a seizure, and tilts her head to the side waiting on me to compliment her.

After playing Beauty and The Beast for 30 minutes, she had to use the potty.  I heard her walk into the living room and she said, "Beast? Beast!  I poo poo and pee pee in the potty. Come see." I'm pretty sure  no princess ever bragged or showed off her bodily wastes to the prince...even if it was a Beast!

Every day she keeps me laughing with the things she says...and makes my days as a stay-at-home mommy so enjoyable! 


  1. she makes me laugh so hard I actually have tears.

  2. Avery! she is so beautiful! I have been reading your blog since she was born and kids really do grow up fast don't they?