Thursday, July 30, 2009

My first blog!

Hey everyone, I am just testing this out. I've never blogged before, but I am doing this so my family can keep up with our daughter, Avery Anna Ewing.

This blog is for my family and close friends, so there's no need for me to go into detail about myself.  I will catch everyone up to speed on Avery, though. She was born May 22, 2009 on a Friday afternoon at 5:35p.m. at Gwinnett Medical Hospital.  It was wonderful because we knew I would be induced that morning, so my entire family could come up from Glennville to witness the birth of their first grandchild. Well, they actually didn't witness the birth, just the before and after!  Since that day, a lot has happened in the two and half months of Avery's life. She became the first grandchild on both the Armstrong and Ewing side, which makes me think she will be spoiled rotten!  She's already been on a boat in Lake Lanier and Lake Hartwell, visited Tybee Island, strolled down River Street in Savannah, and attended her first wedding. She truly is a little socialite.
At her 2 month old appointment, she weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs, double her birth weight!  I was concerned that we were getting a little chunk on our hands, and the doctor said she wasn't overweight, just may have been overfed.  I am now feeding her every 4 hours, and she is adjusting well to that.  Since the change, she no longer sounds like a fart machine hidden at a party.  Seriously, she passed gas like a night after eating Mexican at Las Cazuela's.  Another milestone in Avery, and mommy's life, is that her colic is gone!  She would squall every night from 10p.m.-1a.m. for a month and a half.  Now she is sleeping around 7 hours straight through the night...there is a God!  

Avery still cries around 9p.m. every night because she just can't stand the thought of missing The Bachelorette, or So You Think You Can Dance, with mommy and daddy.  She doesn't want to be put in bed, and lets the whole house know.  Her new accomplishment is sticking out her tongue...yes, I taught her that.  The only problem is that she won't stop doing it now! I will just look at her, and here comes that little lizard and out, in and out.  She looks like an old lady at the nursing home in her wheel chair that gives you the creeps because she can't keep her tongue in her mouth! (but much cuter)

Her favorite activities include looking at herself in the mirror, I don't know where she got that from;), kicking her legs as fast as daddy did when he ran cross country, and sitting in her bouncer watching the toys.  She is very strong and can hold her head up very well, until she turns into a bobble head and falls back on my shoulder.  Avery loves baths, but she can't stay naked for long after that, or she will remind you why babies wear diapers:)  

As you can see, I am obsessed with my daughter, and think you should be, too!  Really, what I want from this blog is to keep you connected with our life and get a chance to share in the growth and life of Miss Avery, because she is just pure joy.  I will try to update this every other week, or at least monthly, as Avery discovers new things and travels to new places.  God Bless and enjoy!!
The morning I was induced and on the way to the hospital.
Getting her first bath
The day we brought her home. Everyone was so sleepy! 
Her grueling photo shoot for her birth announcements.  Our "Tiny Dancer".
At one week old, she's already out on the boat.
Here at two weeks, she starting to get a little meat on her.  She's my gangsta baby!
At three weeks with hair still on the top.  She gets her swirl from her daddy.
Tummy Time has paid off at 1 month! She's so strong, I think she even surprised herself.
OH YEAH! She loves her bath here at 2 months.
I love this picture. It was taken at my grandmother's 80th birthday in Savannah.
The best gift God can give a husband, is a daughter!
For her next trick ladies and gentlemen, she will stick out her tongue!
She knows she's a silly girl and is laughing at her new found trick.
10 weeks and tired.  A diva needs her rest.


  1. Paige...Avery is beautiful. Totally out of the loop and didn't know you had a baby. The last picture is my favorite...those lashes...I could just sit and watch Ashton sleep for hours....Nothing like a sleeping baby. Even at 8 years old, I still like to watch her sleep. God is so good!

  2. this turned out really good, i finally looked at in on the computer and not thru my phone haha. do more frequent updates than one month! haha

  3. It feels like I have had the pleasure of visiting and witnessing that Babies truly are Wonderful! Makes me smile everytime! thanks, Paige! and it will be just fine if Miss Avery does learn some cajun!