Monday, August 3, 2009

Look Who's Talking!

As I write this post, I can hear my sweet ten week old, who's supposed to be sleeping in her bed, talking and talking. Wait, YELLING at me to come and pay her some attention.   This isn't the "I'm hungry" cry, or the "My diaper needs changing" cry.  It is definitely a different sound, more of shouting loudly at me to get her out of that crib!  She projects her voice and yells from her diaphram, something cheerleaders know a little about, to let the whole house know, "I NEED SOME ATTENTION!"

**one minute break**

It looks like she won, as she is now sitting in my lap watching the letters pop up on the computer while I type.  She knows how to work me, that's for sure!  In the past few days, I've attempted to teach Avery something else besides sticking out her tongue.  It's become ridiculous at how often that little pink body part shows up throughout the day.  Michael says I've begun a bad habit for her.  My new idea is to teach her how to talk...well, make new baby sounds at best:) 
Would you believe me if I told you that a 10 week old can be an amazing communicator?  She can already tell me when she's hungry, sleepy, and which direction she wants her hair brushed.  Well, not exactly, but we're working on it!  I do practice making laughing sounds with her.  She focuses intently on my mouth and eyes, then struggles so hard to repeat after me.  It looks like she's about to start crying...but behold...a new sound comes out of her mouth.  She cannot achieve this new found noise without the typical flailing of the arms and vicious leg kicks.  It's so exciting to watch and hear.  Right now, we're working on "Ma-Ma", then after that is mastered, I'm considering "Set....the music is on....5,6,7,8!"

Since I'm not going back to my teaching job, which began today by the way, I thought I would feel worthless not working.  However, now I have learned that I have a much bigger job...taking care of and teaching my daughter.  It's already been so rewarding staying at home with her and witnessing the little developments she's making.  I love the fact that I can spend the time teaching her new things and new sounds.  What's more important than shaping your own child?

Avery's other accomplishments and quirks include sitting in her 'Bumbo' chair.  She is able to hold herself up in the seat pretty well and shows decent balance.  She is also standing up on her legs with the help of mommy and daddy holding her.  Something we've noticed is when she is sleepy, she will start twirling her hair (which is starting to grow back in the front now!)  Avery hasn't learned how to sit still while getting a manicure.  Cutting her fingernails is like trying to thread a needle on the back of a school bus, crossing the railroad tracks. 

As soon as I can figure out how to upload can witnesss Miss A's amazing verbal skills.  It's no surprise she's such a master communicator already with a speech therapist grandmother and a mommy who majored in Mass Communication:)  I'll have to keep her away from Grandpa Jeff, or she' start speaking mumbled Cajun! AAA-YYEEEEE!!
Cotton likes to pose for pictures, too!
Watching the E! Network.
Little Stinker!
That's a pretty smile.
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.....My little "Who" is getting sleeping.

Her new trick...the tongue!


  1. So funny! Girls are such drama already....
    Libbi does the same thing if no one is paying her any attention - she even has a "fake" cry! It's amazing how quickly they learn all the little tricks to get noticed! =)

  2. Hey Paige! So glad you started this blog! Your mom has kept me up to date on Miss Avery, she is such a proud grandma! Love the tongue trick........ now when she starts blowing a bubble off the tip I'll know who she's been spending the most time with :~) She's beautiful!