Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

Did you have some moments this week that were not oh-so-glorious? Well, so did I! I'm here to be brutally honest and tell you all of the things I DID NOT do this week.
I DID NOT let an adorable, monogrammed burp cloth get soaked in formula and sit for 4 days before washing it. That super cute burp cloth that someone paid good money for DID NOT mildew and end up in the trash can.
After cheerleading practice one afternoon, I DID NOT cave to my hunger and buy one of those large $0.99 bags of Cheeto Puffs that I craved while pregnant. In my excitement to jump in the car and devour those delicious Cheeto Puffs, I DID NOT forget to screw the gas cap back on and definitely DID NOT see it dangling in my side mirror, flapping in the wind.
I NEVER stalk my daughter like the paparazzi, waiting to capture that perfect shot. My daughter DOES NOT think the camera lens is my face.
I DID NOT have a temper tantrum this weekend when giving directions to someone on the phone, only to have Michael take the phone from me after I was misguiding them. I DID NOT throw the baby thermometer at the dresser in frustration. NOT ME!
My husband DID NOT ask me this week, "When do baby's start wearing deodorant?" He would NEVER ask that because he's much smarter than that! Nope, not my wonderful husband.
My husband also DID NOT let out the biggest sneeze in Avery's face while feeding her...without covering his mouth and nose. I'm sure Avery DID NOT get 1,000 germs on her face either.
(Who said "Not Me Monday" couldn't include my husband?)

I also NEVER blog, Facebook, check emails, or take pictures from Mac Photo Booth with Avery sitting in my lap.

While I prefer Diet Dr. Pepper, she prefers her fist.
Enjoy the video where Avery had a fist-chompin' good time!


  1. Good post, Paige. I love seeing how Avery is growing...she's growing way too fast!!! Blessings, Kathy(from G-ville)

  2. Too funny! Believe it or not, Jeffrey asked the same question about the deo....I was shocked. Where do they come up with these things?! I have many funny comments that he would die if I shared....Jeffrey grew up with NO he still has A LOT to learn about girls! =)))

  3. she was getting down on that fist. I was surprised she didn't want her paci. I glad you threw the thermometer and now her. haha. Give her some grandma sugar for me.