Saturday, August 29, 2009

ORANGE you glad I posted this?

Knock Knock...
Who's There? 
Orange Who?  
Orange you glad I posted this?

That silly joke reminds me of when I first heard it in the first grade?  But the color orange just wouldn't get out of my mind when thinking of a title for this post. I wonder why?  As you can see, Miss Avery is proudly sporting her new hair accessory...or should I say "hairless"...since the headband is the only support for a bow in her hair.  My new obsession has begun, HAIR BOWS!

Now, I whole-heartedly believe my daughter is absolutely beautiful without anything in her hair (or on her head).  However, the moment I put one of these around her sweet little head...I couldn't believe how much cuter she got! I thought it wasn't possible! (My bias isn't showing, is it?)  I went on a bow-hunt today, searching for one in almost every color.  Don't worry, I really didn't buy one in every color.  This orange one sure does look cute on her!

This football game at Greater Atlanta Christian ignited the desire to accompany her outfit with a bow.  After I took this picture, I realized the Bjorn had reflectors on it!
She was so adorable, I had to get more!!


  1. I HEART hairbows on girls...Check out my blog from Friday...The BIGGER the bow the closer to GOD!!!!

  2. I love hair bows, too! Love the funny face Avery made when the dog put it's nose to her face...too cute!

  3. Love the bows ... she is a cutie : )
    and growing

  4. Check out this site...Great supply of BIG hairbows...

  5. Gotta Love a hairbow!! And, of course, the little cutie who wears it!

  6. So sweet! Glad you finally "caved"....where did you get her bows from? She looks precious! Welcome to a new addiction ;)