Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Grandfather's Love

The country song pops up in my head, "Let me tell you a secret, about a father's love. A secret that my daddy said was just between us.  Fathers just don't love their children every now and then.  It's a love without end, Amen."  Except, I replace the word 'father' with 'grandfather'.
Yesterday, I took Avery to Lake Lanier's Legacy Lodge to lay out by the pool with Michael's parents.  I couldn't get to the table fast enough before Mr. Red, Michael's dad, was unstrapping Avery out of her stroller.  He loves that little girl more than anything in the world (more than his boat, if you can imagine that!)  Of course Mrs. Vickie is crazy about her, too, but there is something special about a bond between a grandfather and his granddaughter.

I see the same sparkle in my dad's eyes every time he gets to see and hold Avery.  All of you reading this can probably relate to that special relationship you shared with one of your grandparents.  I have a unique bond with all of my grandparents that I cherish, and will cherish, for a lifetime.  It's a different kind of love, a sweeter love, that is shared between the two generations.  My "Papaw", my mother's dad, is simply that...MY PAPAW.  There are so many emotions, feelings, and love in just his name.  Any time one of us has a birthday or celebrates a holiday, he will call us and say "Happy Easter Egg!"  It makes no sense, but he thinks it's hilarious and cracks up laughing at himself.  He used to always tease me by saying, "You know you're pretty, because you look in the mirror!" I never understood it until one day he told me that he kept asking, "Do you know you're pretty", and I said, "Yes, because I look in the mirror".  I was only a child, cut me some slack ;)

I can only wish that Avery will share that same bond I have with my Papaw with both of her grandfathers.  They don't have names yet, they're waiting on Avery to name them. (Back to the pool...) Yesterday was a memorable day because I got to see first hand the love between a grandfather and granddaughter as Mr. Red took Avery swimming.  He just couldn't put her down, and Mrs. Vickie certainly wasn't holding her the right way (according to him), so he held her the whole time.  Enjoy the video below of Avery swimming with her granddad.  If that special grandparent of yours is still living...give him or her a call just to say, "I love you". 

My Papaw, the greatest man in the world!
Probably my favorite wedding picture, both of my granddads looking on.
My dad loving on Avery.
Red and Vickie taking Avery for a swim.
**Scroll to the bottom of the page to turn down the music, if you'd like to hear audio.**
Avery talking...with a few unexpected noises thrown in:)


  1. Hey Paige! This absolutely gave me chills! There is just something extra special about those granddaddys! :) I love mine dearly. I love the pics you shared here too. The one of your dad with Avery and your granddads at your wedding are PRICELESS! Love your blog!
    Heidi :)

  2. Oh my I cried reading this! You are so right, there is something so special about those grandad's. Mine is sooo precious to me and I have so many wonderful memories of him! I laughed when I read about Mr. Red telling Ms Vickie that she doesn't do it right. My dad is the same way - I can just hear him telling my mom how to handle Libbi (and then whispering in her ear that he knows she likes him best!) ;)) Thanks for sharing this.
    Oh, and the video of Avery....awesome! Love the sound effects - I felt like I was at home!! ;)

  3. What a sweet blog!! Love the granddaddy post and your Avery is precious!!!!