Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

Did you forget to pay that bill this week? Or overindulge on your favorite chocolatey treat? Have no fear...I am here to make you feel a little bit better about your mishaps. It's NOT ME MONDAY!
While trying to capture a Kodak moment on video, I DID NOT drop my (small) camera on Avery's face. NOR did I pick up the camera to keep rolling and document her "I'm startled" cry. Not me!
This week, I DID NOT stop every day after cheerleading practice and purchase an oh-so-delicious (King) sized Snickers bar and Sprite. I DID NOT enjoy eating it either.
I have NOT gone 7 (maybe 8 or 9) days straight without working out. (This really is a bad thing since I don't go to work and could make time to do this!)
After attending a certain football game at a prestigious certain high school, Michael and I DID NOT find a bathroom (with no walls) on the other side of his truck, where no one was standing, and prayed no one walked up. Not us, we were raised better!
My sweet, darling, helpful husband DID NOT actually give Avery a wedgy with her diaper. Her little booty cheek was NOT hanging out of one side and the lining of the diaper ABSOLUTELY WAS NOT in perfect line with her crack.
I DID NOT allow my dog to lick all over Avery's face just to get a good picture (reference the Orange bow pic). Nope, not me:)
We DID NOT get up and leave a restaurant today for lunch (after we already ordered sweet teas) and go to a different restaurant. Don't worry, we DID pay for the teas!
I DID NOT spend a little extra time on my hair this morning, NOR did I actually put on jewelry for church (something I don't really do) all because I knew Michael's ex-girlfriend would be attending this church. (And yes, I did see her, so it was worth it!)
Leftover picture from yesterday.
Avery's cute church outfit.
Eating lunch at Chateau Elan.  We've never been before and we were curious.

Watching "The Notebook" in her ballet outfit


  1. Girl, you are so on the ball!!! Love those snicker bars...cute post! Kathy in G-ville

  2. Love the headband with the flower! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with putting in a little extra time when you know an ex-girlfriend will be there....I have NOT done that either! =)

  3. Im sure you looked amazing at church in front of the EX....i would so do the same thing : )
    I love the snicker and sprite combo too

  4. Hey Paige dont worry about Jrs ex nobody even remembers her anyway. Avery is so cute.

  5. 26 years later I still can't stand My's ex..I would have done the same thing!!