Thursday, September 3, 2009

Play Date

I'm still not sure who "play dates" are really for, the kids...or the moms!  Whatever the case, they exist for the purpose of getting together.  Michael's cousin, Mindy, invited Avery and me over for a play date with her second child, Javier.  This is the third time the cousins have gotten together, but the first time Avery stayed awake!  

It was nice getting to catch up with Mindy and soak in all of her motherly wisdom, since I ask her about every little thing from diaper rash cream to flat head syndrome (yes, I was worried Avery's flat spot in the back would never go away).  It was funny watching the kids interact, since Javier is 7 months and Avery is only 3 months.  Most of the time Javier made loud noises, threw rattles, bounced around in his jumper, and smiled 100% of the time.  Avery on the other hand, twiddled her fingers together and watched him (when her headband wasn't draped around her eyes!)  I look forward to when Avery is his age and can sit up, grab toys, and do all of those things, too.  However, I'm in no hurry to get there.  

After we ate lunch, we took the babies on a stroll around the neighborhood in CHILLY 70 degrees weather.  I couldn't believe how cold I was on September 1 in Georgia.  That's not normal.  The play date came to an end, and I loaded up Baby Girl in the car to head home.  Here are some pictures and video from Avery's visit with Javier.  

Avery and Javier in Mindy's amazing playroom.  
They got bored and decided to play Hide-and-Seek.  Avery was 'it' first.
Javier is soothing Avery to go back to sleep.
Strike a pose!
They love each other already!
Beautiful baby blues

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  1. so this may be my fave post thus far.. you are a great writer girl... Im sure other readers feel as apart of your motherhood adventure as I do ...thanks for the update and great pics : )