Monday, September 14, 2009

BabyFest '09

Talk about a Baby Boom!  There must be something in the sweet tea passed around at the Phillips Reunion, because in just a span of 5 months, 5 babies were born into the family.  Four of these babies were all under the same set of Grandparents, Harvie and Evelyn Ewing.  
Last year at this reunion,  everyone was pregnant...including me (even though I didn't know it yet).  What a difference a year makes looking at all of these precious cousins, dressed in their finest outfits, drool and all!

This was the first time Avery got to meet her cousin, Christina Evelyn.  She had met the others, but was asleep for the occasion.

Jonathan wasn't very happy about taking the pictures.  He was upset his momma took his plastic cup away.  Christina is in the middle, and you know Avery already!

Christina says, "Don't cry Jonathan, Javier will be at the next reunion and you won't be the only boy!"  Check out the drool on these babies!  We needed bibs.

This is Michael's cousin, Lindsay, and her first baby, Landon.  They are one month apart, and obviously love their hands!
Landon Long and Avery Ewing.
Instant friends...
Avery is polite and shook Landon's hand when she met him.
Landon says, "This is MY cousin?" 
Trey Johnson and his little girl, Ava. These cousins grew up together and now their babies will too!


  1. How cute! What a little lady Avery is...shaking hands with Landon - I love her smile in that picture. I keep telling my brother and sis-in-law to have some babies so Libbi can have a cousin! We grew up with all our cousins being around the same age and we are all so close and love it!!!

  2. Great pictures, Paige. Maybe we'll get one of all FOUR babes on Sunday... if Javier is there, that is. Avery and Landon are too cute!

  3. BTW, you get the award for blog-of-the-year. :-)

  4. These pictures are adorable! I love her little outfit and hair bow! Sweet!