Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Not Me Monesday"

Ok,  I know that Monesday is not really a day, but I'm a little late posting my "Not Me Monday".  I took a little trip this weekend and didn't get back home until late Monday night.  There were a lot of unfortunate things that happened to me last week that I couldn't wait to share with you.  I couldn't just skip out completely on your favorite post series.  So here it goes...

I DID NOT let my Diaper Genie over flow, AGAIN! 

While changing Avery's diaper, she DID NOT pee directly into her clean diaper, and I DID NOT proceed to fasten that diaper up and just say to myself, "She sits in pee all day long anyway, that's what diapers are for."

At the end of the day, I DO NOT forgo the burp cloths and just let her spit up on my shirt just because I'm about to change anyway.  This NEVER happens. 

I DID NOT spend 20 minutes straight just staring at and talking to my adorable daughter.  I DID NOT justify doing that by telling myself I was cooking dinner (while the food baked in the oven).

My sweet, educated husband DID NOT ask me, "When do you start brushing Avery's teeth?"  I DID NOT have to remind him that she doesn't have any teeth!

While driving down I-16, I DID NOT pull out my hand pump and express breast milk while driving.  

I DID NOT feel warm liquid run down my leg while bouncing Avery in my lap.  That warm liquid WAS NOT of the thicker substance that people refer to as #2.  It DID NOT escape her diaper, travel down my bare leg, and collect in a puddle on my parents' hard wood floors.  The dogs DID NOT sniff and lick my foot for the rest of the day, either.

I DID NOT plan a sneaky, surprise visit to Glennville for my dad's birthday and the next post WILL NOT be about that trip ;)

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