Monday, September 28, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

After one of my cheerleaders couldn't come to practice, I DID NOT attempt to step in for her and base the stunts. This DID NOT result in me getting knocked to the ground a few times, head-butted in the face, and kicked in the chest. I DO NOT still have a bruise on my chest nor a slightly puffy cheek bone.

On the long, 5 hour drive back from Glennville, I DID NOT stop at the gas station just to get a plastic fork so I could eat the coconut cake my mom sent back with me.
I DID NOT use sewing thread for dental floss after I ran out. I DID NOT do this because I am NOT obsessed with flossing my teeth and couldn't stand to go a day without doing it.

Avery's carseat DOES NOT have a few spots on the padding where she may or may not have had an accident. I DID NOT just turn the padding upside down like a couch cushion to hide the stains.
While trying to find new ways to entertain Avery, I DID NOT tie a bathrobe belt to her bouncer in order to swing her while still sitting on the couch. I DID NOT take a picture of my sister doing it, either.


  1. entertaining as usual. Cake was good wasn't it.

  2. Oh my gosh the bath robe belt idea is hilarious! But I must say very smart:)

  3. You Rock!! Can't wait on your Mama was proud!! Children will always make you realize how many uses there are for clothing and household items!