Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Through Avery's Eyes

Wow! What an exciting weekend I had.  I was a very busy girl with people to see and places to go.  It was such a great time, I want to share everything I did with you.  Don't worry, tons of pictures were taken :)

Well, Saturday morning was a big day because The Pride Cheerleaders had their first competition.  Mommy was really nervous, me...not so much.  I was more excited about getting to wear my new cheerleading outfit.  Don't you like it?
My pants were my favorite part.  I think the diaper makes my butt look big, though.  Go Lions!
The cheerleaders did a good job.  They got 2nd place and didn't even get a trophy! What a bummer.  Oh well, I had other places to visit.  We hopped in the car and traveled all the way down to Glennville, Ga to surprise Poppa Jeff for his birthday party.  This is me with my Uncle Jacob, waiting to walk out and surprise Poppa.
SURPRISE!! He didn't even know we were coming and he was very happy to see me.  It was sooo humid in south Georgia, Mommy's lens was fogging up and the humidity did nothing for my hair.
Happy Birthday Poppa!  
All of those new faces and barking dogs upset me and I cried the whole night, until bedtime that is!  Grandma Debbie kept making silly noises and faces at me, which kept me from going to sleep.
The next morning was much better, and Poppa Jeff fed me breakfast.  After that, he took me for a walk around the neighborhood.  
Then, we ate lunch at my Great-Grandmother's house.  I just call her Bama for short.  This is Mommy and me in my Great-Great-Grandmother's rocking chair.  It was really squeaky.
After such a busy morning, I was pooped and just insisted on napping in Bama's big comfy bed.  
This is my beautiful Bama, Poppa Jeff's momma.  We took some pictures outside on her front porch.  Nothing says country like wicker rocking chairs on a front porch.
We were laughing at something funny Mommy was doing.  She was probably complaining about the humidity again fogging up the camera.
There was a lot of kissing...
...and talking...
...and laughing all day long.
The next day I went to see this Cricket Farm Poppa Jeff kept talking about.  I couldn't figure out why there were deer in a cricket farm.
Poppa showed me that when you blow on crickets...
...they scatter everywhere!
I saw a cricket on Grandma's arm and told her she better not put one on me!
There were millions and millions of crickets.  
After the cricket farm, we visited Grandma Debbie's work and saw her friends.  I was so mad Mommy didn't bring her camera in!  I wanted to do a little shopping after all that visiting, so they took me to this big store with lots and lots of random things there.   They said this was the Target of Glennville.  I didn't find much, so I settled for a teething toy and a few outfits.
It was a big weekend!  I had a great time in Glennville and can't wait to go back soon!


  1. Paige, I am so glad that you made the trip and surprised your dad for his birthday. I know he was surprised and pleased! Things like that mean so much to us grandparents! I enjoy your blog, and I know your family does as well. You are a great blogger--you have your mom's sense of humor...LOL Kathy in G'ville.

  2. So sweet! That is a great picture of you and Avery...two pretty girls! And the one of you kissing her is too precious - you should frame it!