Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Do you also find the irony in "Labor" Day? We don't go to work, stay at home, and don't do any 'labor' on Labor Day! That is completely fine with me, because it's one of the very few days Michael doesn't work. This weekend was full of things to do and just more opportunities for me to take pictures of Miss Avery.

It started out with a College Football Kick-Off on Saturday. Michael is a big Georgia fan, so I really just go along with it. My roots are LSU, and you will see Avery in her Purple and Gold on here at least once. However...she sure does look good in her Red and Black!
She looks incredibly happy right now, but that was not the story once Georgia started losing. She starting losing her interest in the game and ended up crying, more like screaming, starting in the second quarter. On top of that, we didn't have any Rotel after I already melted the cheese, so our game day snack was a mix of Velveeta, salsa, chopped tomatoes, and peppers from the garden. It would have been edible if the chips weren't stale. Avery's fit ended her up stripped out of her cheerleading uniform, being pushed around the neighborhood in her diaper. Still, the screaming wouldn't end, so I threw her in the car and we went driving around for an hour to get her calmed down. So much for that relaxing time watching the game that I had envisioned!
Unfortunately, the Dawgs lost their season opener, and Avery wasn't too happy about it.
Sunday morning began with church at Hebron Baptist Church. Since Avery is now sleeping through the night, she doesn't nap as much during the day, which includes the worship service. Last week, we inspected the nursery, got her name signed up, and even received a sticker for her to wear while in the nursery. BUT...I just couldn't hand her over to these strangers and knew the whole time I wasn't going to leave her there. We just feel better when she's with us during church. The downside is that she is very distracting and we miss much of the worship experience worrying about her. This Sunday, we were going to leave her in the nursery so we could pay attention better. It was so hard!!! I was still thinking about her the whole time, wondering if those 5 'grandmother' ladies, wearing these Monk style robes to avoid spit-up, would know what to do if she started crying. We couldn't get out of church fast enough to get her back in our hands. Of course, she was fine and content. It's just hard letting go!

After church, we headed to Lake Lanier for a day on the water. It was very relaxing and Avery wanted to wear turquoise so she would match her Momma!

Monday was more like "Lazy Day" than Labor Day. We slept in, lounged around the house, and finally made it back to the lake around 2:00 p.m.

Since it had been such an eventful, or uneventful, weekend...Avery didn't get a bath the whole time. Daddy helped with her first big girl shower this morning before he left for work. She seemed to like it.

I hope your Labor Day weekend was great!


  1. How cute! I know....isn't it unbelievably hard to leave them in the nursery?!?! I think it is even harder when you go to a bigger church like Hebron or 12stone (where we go....)not like the church I grew up in where we knew everyone! The picture of Avery looking up at Michael is just adorable - it is a true look of love! =)

  2. LOVE your pictures, Miss Avery! You're a cutie! But Randy thinks you'd look even cuter in TN ORANGE. :-)

  3. Hey girl she is too cute!!! She is becoming her own person...looks like you guys are enjoying parenting : ) I had to show Marty...she looks like you with those big pretty eyes...love yall