Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today started off like any other day.  I was teaching 6th grade at Hebron Christian Academy and had cheerleading practice after school.  I felt fine and was ready for my planning period to take a break from those noisy kids.  My craziest class just left my room and I finally had some peace and quiet during my 6th period planning. 
As I opened my desk drawer, I remembered I had a left-over cheapy pregnancy test from my ovulation kit I had bought at Publix.  "What the heck," I thought, "It won't be the first time I tested one of these out just to get a negative.  Why not try again and just get rid of it from my desk?"  I entered the restroom...did my thing...and waited.  Low and behold, there's the one pink line that tells you it worked, but far into the distance, a second faint pink line stared me in the face.  "WHAT!!?? Are you sure? Is that really another pink line??!!"

"That must be a mistake," I thought to myself.  "This is a cheapy test.  I'll go to Publix and get a digital one."  With my heart pounding and hands shaking, I blurted out to my senior teacher's aid that I would be right back.  I think I actually ran to the aisle where I could find another pregnancy test.  After I purchased a new one, I went into the Publix bathroom to confirm my belief.  YES!!!!! I am PREGNANT!!!!!!
I was in a daze for the rest of the day and am not really sure how I managed to coach practice.  I didn't tell a single soul, not even Michael, because I wanted to tell him in person.  I rushed to Target after practice and bought these cute socks to surprise him with.  Dinner was cooked, the video camera was hidden in the kitchen to capture his reaction, and I was shaking like a leaf.  The moment finally came and I said, "I got you something for Halloween.  Close your eyes and hold out your hands."  Once he opened his eyes, he read the socks and said, "Boo." Then his eyes got really big and he said, "What is this s**t?  Are you for real, is this for real."  He proceeded to try and 'scratch off' what he thought was a sticker that read 'pregnant'.  After it finally sank in, he was excited!  "Charge up your phone, we got a lot of people to call,"he said.
We called my mom first to tell her the amazing news.  Then, we jumped in the car, still in our pajamas, and headed to Snellville to tell his parents in person.  We handed each of them a pregnancy test and Mrs. Vickie said, "My baby's having a baby!"  It was a great moment.  On the way back home we called all of our relatives and closest friends.  Can you tell we were beyond thrilled?

It's amazing to think back that a year ago, Avery was just a little peanut in my belly.  As I look at her today, I can't help but wonder how anyone who has a child cannot believe in a God, a Mighty Creator, that orchestrated all of the fine details that go into the creation of a human being.  
Now, one year later, those little socks adorn the sweet feet of our beautiful 4-month-old.
"Thank you God for giving us the miracle of life.  Thank you for a baby who we love more than life itself.  Thank you for her health and all of the joy she brings everyone in our family."


  1. Oh,I remember that day so well. It actually was one of the worst days of my life until you called. Wanna talk about mixed emotions. One of the saddest and happiest times of my life with in 12 hours. I thank you for that phone call. I was driving home from the hospital crying the whole way home, then you called and I cried for the next 30 miles with the biggest smile on my face. How can I ever forget that moment. I wanted to call your Dad and tell him but knew how important it would be for you to tell him yourself. I love the hat! and the socks. Love Mom and thanks for my precious granddaughter. You and Michael did "good"!!

  2. It seemed like everytime we talked on the phone I would ask you are you pregnant? ( and we would laugh ... just crack and you would say NO!!) But when you got the news that you were and you said.. guess eyes watered and I cried.. becasue I was so happy for you! As soon as I saw this e-mail ...I knew what today was!!!
    We serve an AWESOME GOD!!

  3. The way you've documented everything is just beautiful, Paige. I love this post! My new fav, for sure. So very cool!

  4. Thanks for the recap! I loved it and Avery will ALWAYS have this wonderful memory illustrated so perfectly!!! love you!

  5. Paige...I am crying! What a sweet, sweet memory...and the pictures of Avery in the socks are the most perfect things! God is good and babies truly are a blessing.... what a gift motherhood is!!!