Monday, September 14, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

Just another week of "Not Me's...."

I DO NOT let the Diaper Genie get so full, that I start stacking the dirty diapers on the open lid of the Diaper Genie.  It definitely DOES NOT get to the point where the dirty diapers end up as new decorations on the dresser.  I NEVER, EVER do this disgusting act.  Not me!

This week, I DID NOT sit at the computer, immersed in the reading of other people's blogs, that I ate nearly half a bag of Natural Cheeto Puffs.  Hey, they're it's not bad for you ;)

I NEVER let out extremely loud burps just to see what reaction I can get out of Avery.  My burps AREN'T so loud that they make her eyes open wide like she's seen a ghost.  

After finally changing Avery's messy sheets, she DID NOT get them wet the very next night.  Those sheets ARE NOT still on her bed today.

I WAS NOT awaken early one morning to the sound of my dog barfing on our carpet.  I WAS NOT so tired that I just acted like I was still asleep so someone else could clean up the mess.  Cotton DID NOT throw up pieces of a football that he demolished.  He DIDN'T destroy that football because I left it outside from Avery's photo shoot the weekend before.

While at Hebron's first football game, I DID NOT let Avery lie on the track, NOR did I change her diaper on that track.
I also DID NOT throw that dirty diaper, that WASN'T changed on the track, at my cheerleaders while they were cheering ;)


  1. I love the Diaper Genie comment. I have done that so many times, and it just infuriates my husband! I've actually packed the diapers on top to the point that they start falling off onto the floor!

  2. I know I comment on all your posts and I swear I'm not a stalker...ha! I just had to laugh at this one. At least you have a diaper genie. My hubby said it was a "waste of money" so we use Kroger bags and it still doesn't stop us from piling the diapers up...
    Also - when I saw that picture of Avery on the track I just cracked up! I love how she looks frozen and just totally relaxed!

  3. LOL Now the diaper throwing at the cheerleaders..TOO FUNNY!

  4. I Love Not Me Monday!!!!

  5. Oh no, the one that got me laughing was the burping one. I remember (I cant believe Im goign to say this) when I was pregnant, and I would have gas, if it was really loud it would wake my sleeping (in utro) baby and they would jump. It made me laugh every time. I thought your NMM was to funny and very honest. I found you on Mckmama's site. :)