Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Javier!

One year ago on January 30, 2009...Javier Silva was born and was the first of four cousins in the Ewing family to be born within 5 months of each other. He celebrated his birthday with a Church Dedication on Sunday, followed by a birthday party at his house.

Avery got all dolled up to go to her very first birthday party. I'm so glad it was her cousin Javier's party, too. Here is Malia, Javier's sister, playing in their play room.
Who needs Chucky Cheese when you've got a playroom like this?
This little girl was too cute not to be included on here. Her name is Reese and is a friend of Javier's.
Mindy, Michael's cousin and practically his sister, helped the Birthday Boy blow out his candle before he put it out with his hand.
This is Javier at the beginning...notice how nice and clean he is.
MMMmmmmm...he was just now realizing that his mom and dad were really letting him eat this sugary goodness.
Now he's having some fun and thought his leg was a nice canvas on which to finger paint.
Don't you love his beautiful masterpiece?
He exceeded all of our expectations of what a one-year-old should do with his birthday cake.
Malia didn't want to get near him because "He's messy" she told us.
Avery was very interested in the cake and would have looked just like Javier if I let her. Not yet sweet girl, you got 3.5 months to go!
I'm not sure where his hand ends and his mouth begins.
We had a great time visiting with Mindy, PJ, and all the family.
Unfortunately, the party had to end some time. Avery had a blast at her first birthday party and I cannot wait to throw one for her. You can bet there will be lots of pink things...a tutu...crowns...and of course...pictures of Avery all over the place!


  1. that is the funniest birthday cake pictures I've ever seen. I especially like the last one. It's hard to believe Javier is already one yr. old, he is precious. I can't wait to see how Avery eats her cake. Love ya Mom

  2. Just caught my grammatical error, I tried to fix it but couldn't.

  3. great shots of 1st cake! thank you for thinking & reacting! Avery did have fun & sure to have gotten some ideas about what to do when she see's the candle on her b-day cake! It will be fun to watch Avery & Javier connect like Michael & Mindy! love you!