Monday, February 8, 2010

WHO DAT? and "Not Me Monday"


I've never cared a single thing about the Superbowl in my entire life...until this year. Born and raised half of my life in Louisiana, I was very excited to see the New Orleans Saints play in the Superbowl. As soon as they won their playoff game that guaranteed their spot in Miami, I told Michael, "We HAVE to have a Mardi Gras/Superbowl party!"

We had around 20 friends over to the house, where we served my mom's recipes of gumbo, crawfish etouffee, and jalapeno cornbread. We also had Hurricanes in Pat O'Brien hurricane glasses straight from Bourbon Street (thanks mom!)

The dining room table was filled with goodies, but I was mostly excited about my Mardi Gras decorations.

We didn't make crawfish pie, but the apron did add a little Louisiana flare.
The centerpiece complete with a Jazz band and King Cake.
These are some good friends of ours who we can never get enough of. Nicole, Alex, and Leslie are practically family with each other, and they've adopted us into their clan.
Here are all the boys who belong to all the girls in the picture above. Chad, the tallest, just got back from a month long work stint in Baton Rouge. He spent a weekend in New Orleans and picked up a few beads. It sure did make me miss home:(
Rob can only dream that his friends will accept him back into the group after showing up to the party with a Colts jersey on.
Avery wanted to join in on the fun, too. She knows how to party...New Orleans style!
She learned this from Chad after watching him put his bottle in the necklace....except his wasn't milk.
Poor thing was exhausted and this picture says it all. She was so tired:(
Great friends, great food, great game....who could ask for more!


I DID NOT neglect to take a single picture of Avery in her super cute New Orleans Saints outfit during the party.

I DID NOT "Facebook Stalk" Nicole to find pictures she took of Avery so I could add them to this post.

It was NOT ME who ate Cheez-Its and drank Diet Dr. Pepper and considered it my lunch.

It was NOT ME who found Avery clutching Mardi Gras streamer and plastic faces in her hands that she pulled off my decorations. A green streamer WAS NOT hanging from her mouth either.

Today, I DID NOT find a shiny green blade of Mardi Gras streamer mixed in with Avery's carrots....IN HER DIAPER!

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