Monday, March 22, 2010

10 months old!

WHAAAAATT?? Avery, you're already 10 months old! I know I'm acting shocked, and I shouldn't be, because just last month you were 9 months old, so I should've known this was only have two more months to go until your FIRST BIRTHDAY! That's what shocks me the most. I feel like you're development is kicking into warp speed and you're doing so much so quickly now.

Well, we took you last month to your 9 month check up and all went well. You weighed in at exactly 20 lbs, and measured 28.5 inches long...which is what most one year old infants measure. You grew 2.5 inches in 3 months, which the doctor said was more than average. That surprised me because I'm short, and I figured you'd always be on the shorter side, too. The funniest part about your check up was your head measured in the 95% percentile. So, you have a big head, baby! I think it's so you can hold all that knowledge in there:)

*Now, you weigh 20 lbs and 11 oz. I didn't try getting your length measurement.

*You wear size 9-12 months clothes. When it comes to elastic pants or shorts, I'm going to buy you 18 months so your little belly doesn't get squeezed:)

*You are eating some table food in addition to Gerber baby meats. You still like cheese, but now you've tried Cheerios, pieces of bread, little pieces of diced ham, bananas, lemons!, mashed potatoes, green beans, and anything that's easy to eat from our plates.

*You are the master at drinking from your sippy cup, that's only filled with water, and you also can drink from a straw! I still nurse you 3 times a day.

*You love feeding Cotton any food in your hand while sitting in the high chair. This makes it very hard for me to feed you and swat Cotton away at the same time.

*You take one long nap during the day some time around 1:00 p.m. It will usually last anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. You might take another nap sometime in the late afternoon if we are riding in the car, but on most days you don't.

*I still put you to bed at 9:00p.m, and you still get up around 11:00-ish to get in the bed with us. Oh well :(
*You just learned how to scoot around the floor on your bottom. You still don't crawl yet, but you scoot and slide across the floor while sitting up with one leg folded up underneath you.

*You have started walking! You can walk short distances all by yourself. You will walk around the furniture while holding onto it and will walk from something to me without falling. If we let you hold onto one of our fingers, you can run around the house.
*You love giving hugs and kisses to daddy and me. We love it way more than you do. You will open your mouth and come at our face until you kiss us on the mouth. It's so sweet.

*Daddy is much happier because you will cling to him now and cry when he walks out of the room. He is such a sucker for that and I think it's hilarious because you used to never want him to even hold you. I see a Daddy's girl in the future.
*You are really good at saying "Da-Da" and you know it's him when you say it too. You have now started saying "Ma-Ma" and reaching for me when you say it. It's WONDERFUL!! However, you mainly say ma-ma when you're upset or fussy.

*You know who Mama and Daddy are, where Cotton is when we ask you to look for him, where the light is, and also what "Give us a kiss" means.

*You started waving "Bye-Bye" and I'm pretty sure you've said "bye" a few times.
*You still only have two teeth, but I'm wondering when you'll get some more.

*Your foot is a size 3, but thanks to your grandparents, you're wearing a 3.5 so you have some room to grow.

*You recently visited your Grandma Debbie and Poppa Jeff in Glennville. You LOOOOVE your grandma and were very clingy to her while we were there. She took you riding on the mule a bunch of times, which you loved every minute of.
*Your personality is really coming through and I love to hear you laugh when I make silly faces at you.
Thank you Avery for being the joy of our lives! We love you sweet girl.

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