Monday, May 10, 2010

Avery's many faces on Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2010 got off to a rough start, but ended well. I can't complain at all because I was able to spend it with Michael and Avery, and some mothers didn't, or weren't, able to spend it with their for that reason, it was a great Mother's Day.

We went to Lake Lanier, where you'll see many pictures of us this summer, to visit with Michael's parents. The day was actually quite windy and chilly, but I never pass up an opportunity to be on the water. Avery had many different expressions throughout the day that I captured on camera.

Here she is directing the captain where to go. She kept us safe by avoiding islands and other boats.

She's eating something here, probably a Goldfish.
This is the look she's giving her daddy while he's trying to make her smile. This face is very common if you are acting like a fool to entertain her and she's not very amused!
Daddy won and got a smile out of her.
I asked her how much she loved me and she said, "Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss much!"
Hahaha, oh Lord! All I can think when I see this is "bless Michael's heart." He probably sees this expression more than I realize, but somehow still puts up with me.
Yaay! Finally a good one of both of us.
If you look closely you can see her two top teeth.
All was well in Avery's world until we put on her life jacket. She kept trying to push it off her face, squishing her cheeks while doing it.
Her daddy didn't seem to mind his so much.
This face just makes me laugh. She's looking at her Granddaddy here, waiting for him to do something amazing.
Uh-oh! Avery fell. It's ok, though. We just clap our hands and say, "Yaaay! It's ok!"
But for some reason, I don't think she believes us.


  1. hahaha this was a funny post. the picture where u are making that face at michael, avery is thinking "hereee she goes again" lol. i didnt know she had top teeth coming in too! cant wait to see r. less than 2 weeks!

  2. one picture I see all YOU, then the next one is all Michael. Paige,....she is absolutely gorgeous!