Wednesday, May 19, 2010

That weekend...

Right after you were born, your Daddy and I had a few minutes alone with you before all of your family who had been waiting all day for you, came in to see you.

Naturally, like most mothers do right after child birth ;) , I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the special moment.
Grandma Debbie and Aunt Jessie were the first to run into the room. They had been listening outside the delivery room door the whole time!
Of course, they were so excited to finally see you.
The look on your grandmas' faces are priceless!
Everyone was trying to get in a peek.
Grandma was the first to hold you other than your Daddy.
Then Grandma Vickie, who has informed us she wants to be called "Grammy".
Aunt Jessie waved hello to you.
Then Poppa Jeff got to see you. Did I fail to mention you were the first grandchild on both sides....SPOILED!!
Proud Granddaddy Red.
Even Uncle Jacob came to see you.

The Armstrongs.
The Ewings and Smiths.

After everyone met you, you went to take your first bath, and I sent the camera with Daddy.

That first night you stayed in the room with us and you slept pretty well. The next morning we were able to dress you ourselves in a sweet gown your cousin Heather bought for you.
I hadn't even washed my face before Uncle Jake and Aunt Jessie came back that morning to see you.
There were a lot of visitors planning to come to the hospital that day, so you needed to rest up. You got to cuddle a lot with Daddy on his chest.

I was able to shower and fix my hair before more guests came to visit.

This is your first meeting with Landon, your cousin who is just one month older than you.
Your great-grandparents, Harvie and Evelyn Ewing, came to see you. You were the fourth great-grandchild for them that had been born that year.
Your Daddy's Uncle Wayne and Aunt Chi Chi.
Cousin Jill, who is having her first little girl this summer, Isabella Sue:)
Cousin Mindy, who is also having another baby this fall.
Your cheerleading friends couldn't wait to see you, since they had watched my belly grow for nine months!
And of course, trailing in around 9:00 p.m. that night, after visiting hours...was THE CREW. Your daddy's best friends with "Aunt Leslie and Aunt Flossy". We laughed at Chad as he read to you the guest book that everyone signed in a "Mother Goose" voice.
That second night in the hospital was not the best. The nurses recommended that you sleep on my chest since you'll want to be near me. I didn't fall asleep until 6:30a.m. the morning we were going home. Here you are with me and the flowers Chad brought for us.
We dressed in pink in honor of our little girl.
This was your 'going home' outfit that Granddaddy and Grammy Ewing bought for you. We both went home in pearls.
You cried the whole time the photographer tried to take your baby pictures. Needless to say, we didn't order any! You were ready to go home and so were we!


  1. What a precious post! Btw, you are just beautiful!

  2. i like it! brought back a lot of memories of that day. tomorrow is your birthday avery!!!! happy early birthday! :)