Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One year pictures

I took Avery's one year portraits myself about two weeks before her birthday. We were having a lot of people over to the house and I wanted her portrait up on the wall before her big party.

We went out in the front yard to do her "tutu" pictures. When she was born, I took her newborn pictures in a pink tutu one of my students had given her. So, it was important to me to get her one year pictures in a tutu, also! I think they turned out super cute.

I also wanted some pictures of her in a white dress, something more formal that you'd see hanging in a portrait studio. I envisioned her standing on the porch of an old home, with a simple background and her as the focus. If you know me pretty well, you won't be surprised when I tell you how I found the location.

There's a beautiful older plantation style home in downtown Buford with a big wrap around porch and tall white columns. Wellllll, I just drove up in the driveway and found the owner in the yard, walked up to her, and asked her if I could use her porch for my daughter's pictures! Haha! She said yes, but to be careful because the porch didn't have a railing.

I bought Avery a used dress from Kids to Kids, a second hand store in Buford, for $13. We went the next day with a baby doll in hand. I dressed one of her Goodwill babies that Grandma gave her with a christening gown from one of my collector Madame Alexander baby dolls. You would've never known:) I love how the pictures turned out and was pleased as punch that I did them myself without having to pay a photographer.

I love them all! These are the pictures I put on my website, that's why my logo is on them. Why don't you head on over to my site by clicking HERE and see some of the other adorable children and families I've had to honor to photograph.


  1. amazing!!! lucky you that you took all of these so you don't even have to worry about picking out favorites....you can have them all!!! they are soooo good! i love the one of avery in the tutu just layed out in the chair with her leg propped up and everything and all of the pics in the white dress are just perfect! i looked at your blog, too and your pictures are really fabulous! i'm impressed! :)

  2. You have done an amazing job! These pictures are wonderful! I love every single one of them. You have a wonderful talent!