Monday, June 28, 2010

A day at the lake

Since Michael and I have been married, our very favorite summer time activity is taking the boat out on Lake Lanier. Sunday's are his only days off (thanks to his mean old boss!!! just kidding Mr. Red!) so we try and soak up as much sun as we can after church.

Avery loves going on the boat with us, too. Last summer she was so little that we took her out on Michael's parents' boat since it was bigger and safer. That's not the case this year...Avery is definitely BIG enough to ride with us on our boat.

She got dressed in her cute strawberry cover up from her Ma Ma and Da Da. She already picked out the first mate's seat while her Daddy was getting things ready.

Time for the unveiling of the two piece! We never really dress her in a bikini, but all of her one-pieces were in the laundry from all the swimming we've done this week. The sun was a little bright, but she won't keep her sunglasses on for anything. We let her ride up front without a life jacket the whole trip. She did get a little close to the edge that one time, but I was able to pull her back with the fishing net.

JUST KIDDING!!!!!! I wanted to give Mrs. Vickie a heart attack while reading this. We DEFINITELY put on her life jacket after I lathered her in sun screen. Then, she sat in my lap while we cruised the lake. The only time she wasn't sitting in my lap was when she was checking everything out in Cocktail Cove. This is where all the crazy people with thong bathing suits and fake "ta tas" go and dance and try to look cool. Michael and I have NEVER been on those houseboats and are appalled at anyone who would try to anchor their boat, grab a noodle, swim over, climb aboard, and join in their shenanigans ;)

After she shook her booty to Usher's "OMG" blaring from the houseboat speakers, she directed us out into the open sea.

She enjoyed sitting in Daddy's lap and attempting to drive the boat.

The life jacket got to come off when it was time to dock the boat at Sunset Cove. We had dinner at the restaurant and watched people play volleyball while listening to live music. It really is a neat place and much more family friendly than the first cove we went to.

It was time to finally head home since she does have a bedtime that needs keeping. She couldn't get enough of all the people and things to see.

She took one last look back and bid farewell...until next time.

A day at the lake can take its toll on a little girl...and her daddy.


  1. Even that baby doll looks exhausted!

  2. And even if we knew people who did anchor their boat at Cocktail Cove, YOU would never be the first one over there and on the boat, while the rest were doggy paddling their way over!! HaHa...GOOD TIMES!! Always LOVE the blog!! "Flossy"