Sunday, August 22, 2010

15 Months!

Avery, you are 15 months old (last Sunday, August 22) and have been doing soooo much lately! Mommy's an awful blogger and hasn't updated your stats since you turned ONE :( So here's what you've been up to:

*You weighed 22 lbs and 8 oz at your doctor's appointment on Friday. You are lingering around that 22 lbs mark. I guess you're thinning out, finally! You stand 31.78 inches tall.

*You're 'tall' for your age, average weight, and once again your head is gi-normous! (96%)

*You have 12, YES 12 teeth!! Four on top, four on bottom, and your first four molars have all come in. The molars cutting through were the worst, and really seemed to bother you the most. You love brushing your 12 teeth with your tiny toothbrush...and my electric Oral B toothbrush, too!

*You are wearing size 18 month clothing, size 5 shoe, and size 4 diapers. Your foot grew so quickly and we only have one pair of sandals in size 5. Better get to shopping.
*You're very interested in putting on your shoes, taking them off, and trying to put on mommy and daddy's shoes. You help me undress you as you step out of your shorts, and pull your shirt over your head.

*You've loved swimming this summer and aren't afraid of the water at all. We've never put "floaties, or swimmies", whatever they're called, on your arms. Even though we didn't put you in swimming lessons this summer, we wanted you to be comfortable in the water and not rely on floaties to support you. You've been dunked a bunch of times in the water, and keep your eyes open the whole time. Your expression is funny, but sad at the same time.
*You are running and climbing everywhere. You've been walking for 5 months now, and recently you want to climb up on everything (stairs, bathtub, ladders, slides).

*We love your booty, when it's not covered in poo ;)
*Your hair is getting longer each day and curling in the back. It's kind of crazy and all over the place, but we think it's cute (in a trailer trash kinda way). I think it may be time for your first hair cut. Leslie...are you ready??

*You are very affectionate and love hugging us, and other people. You don't kiss us as much anymore, but hopefully that will change back.

*You are getting so smart, and retaining so much information. You understand many commands, and communicate very well...however, most of it is non-verbal.

*Your list of words are momma, da da, hey, bye, "da" for dog....or you will bark when you see a dog. You bark aaaaaaa looootttt. You can make barking sounds, moo like a cow, and have started to "quack" like a duck. It's not quite a "quack", but different that "mmmmmmmmm" for a cow! Today you tried saying "Ta Da", because I kept doing it and you thought it was so funny.

*If I show you pictures of our family members, you can point out who everyone is...and even our friends when they come over.

*You love looking through books, watching Dora, Diego, Fresh Beat Band, Wonder Pets, and Yo Gabba Gabba.

*You've started to dance to music now. You'll rock your head back and forth and smile at me.

*You eat four times a day and have started "trying" to eat with a spoon. It's a big mess, but you've got to learn some how.

*The dog bowls have been moved to the back porch because you dig through Cotton's food, and spill his water all over the floor. I even found you chomping down on some of his food one time.

*You will clap your hands when we sing "Patty Cake", stick both of your pointer fingers in the air and shake them when we sing "Where is Pointer?", and hide your eyes with your hands when we ask, "Where's Avery?"

*You sleep O.K., taking one nap a day around 1:00 p.m. You will sleep for 45 minutes, wake up, and I have to put you back down to finish your nap. Every time...this is the routine! At night, you go to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. and still wake up at some point, the time will vary, and I put you in the bed with me until you wake up around 8:00 the next morning.

You are so beautiful when you are awake....and asleep....and have become such a FUN baby to play with. We love you!!!!

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