Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Avery Anna!

Today our baby is a whopping THREE YEARS OLD!  I'm shaking my head thinking about where all the time went.  She has brought us so much joy, happiness, and lack of sleep these past three years.  The longer her hair gets, the bigger the bags under my eyes get :)  Even though she is a handful and a half, I think she's a keeper! 

We celebrated her birthday with just our parents and immediate family last Saturday on "Mimi and Da's" boat. Here are some pictures below.

 These two are nothing but trouble!
 Her first pair of Toms from Aunt Jessie and Aussie Liam (her boyfriend from Down Under)
 All she wanted for her birthday was Marty the Zebra from "Madagascar".  Thanks Maw!
 Michael was just as excited:)
 I love this look of excitement she has when her daddy is telling her to keep a secret.  
 Beautiful Aunt Jessica
 I forgot to bring the candles, so Mimi found three tea light candles for her to blow out.
Don't ever come between a girl and her chocolate.
My blessed family.
 The Ewings
The Armstrongs (plus the Ewings)
 My brother Jacob.  We are so thankful he is doing better and will have his heart surgery in the next few weeks.  I'll keep you updated on his progression and healing.  Keep him in your prayers!
 The whole gang at dinner.  It's been years since we were all together.
The next morning, we pumped up her Jump-O-Lene that Papa gave her.
On Sunday, Mimi and Da came over to the house to surprise her with another gift. 
 Open your eyes!!  She was very unsure about the car.  I think she didn't believe it was for her.
 Just like a Ewing....driving at a young age.  Who better to show her how the car works than the two car salesmen helping her with her first car.
 I bet she got the family discount from Ewing Motors.
Day THREE of the birthday extravaganza....party time at Catch Air with her friends.
 Hahaha...I'll remind her of this picture when she starts dating..."DON'T HUG THEM LIKE BUZZ!"

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