Thursday, May 30, 2013

Avery turns 4

Where has the time gone? Our sweet little 'baby' is now 4 years old! She wanted to have her party at Monkey Joe' that's what we did.
Her very best buds were there to celebrate with her.  Alyssa, Avery F., Jon Jon, and so many more great friends she loves to spend time with came to the party.
It didn't take long for her face to turn red from all the running, jumping, and playing.
She loved having "Monkey Joe" come into the room and give her a gift.
Here is her Merida and Angus birthday cake.  She loves the movie "Brave" and wanted this cake when she saw it at Publix.

Thank you to all of her sweet friends for the gifts! Receiving gifts is her number one LOVE LANGUAGE! (expensive form of affection :/ )
Family time! This is a horrible picture of me...but it was the only one of all of us.  Charlotte even smiled, too.  Don't ya love their matching "party outfits"?  
Happy birthday Avery! You are so funny, smart, sweet, and crazy! We love you:)

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