Monday, June 3, 2013

Avery's First Recital

Avery had her very first dance recital on May 4.  She has taken ballet at Buford School of Ballet for 2 years and when they are 3, they can participate in the recital.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland and her class was the "Little Alice".  This was a huge deal for me as her mom because I LOVED dancing and can remember my first dance recital when I was 3:)
Mrs. Katie was her teacher and she was so loving and sweet with the girls.
We were able to take pictures and video during the dress rehearsal but not at the recital.  These are from the rehearsal and Avery did great.  Thanks to Mr. Red "Da", for coming to see her dance at the recital.
Charlotte was along for the ride at only 1 week old!
Avery's Dance Recital from Paige Ewing on Vimeo.

The day of her final recital was RAINYYYY!! It was a mess really.  My family was able to come to the recital.  We had Maw, Papa, Aunt Jessie, and of course Daddy and Charlotte.  The best part of the dance was when her black bow fell out, and she stood on the stage for 3 8-counts holding her bow, wondering what to do.  Fortunately, the "big Alice" came out and took it from her, and then she continued dancing...jumping in and out of 2nd position about 10 times in a row and the audience laughed at her.  We got a kick out of it:)

Her daddy had a dozen pink roses waiting on her when she finished.  It was a great day and I 'm so proud of her!

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