Tuesday, June 4, 2013

8 Year Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my very best friend and husband...Michael!  Today is our 8 year anniversary and I thought it would be fun to take a look back at our time together.  

Here we are in Miami on college spring break.  This was the day he told me he loved me...regardless of my freshman 15...(and then some!) I loved him too...regardless if he wore cowboy boots on the beach. 
 Wedding day June 4, 2005! 
YEAR 1: Taken at Mrs. Georgia Pageant.  
 YEAR 2: Celebrating in Charleston at 82 Queen.
 YEAR 3: Still just us two at our home on Saddlehorse Dr. 
 YEAR 4: Things changed a little (ok..A LOT) when Miss Avery joined the family.
 YEAR 5: We made it through our first year of parenting and we're still alive!
 YEAR 6: Celebrating at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta
 YEAR 7: At our favorite place...St. Simons Island
 YEAR 8: Here we are now with our 2 beautiful and healthy girls.  
 Michael...thank you for being the supporter, encourager, and solid ground for us to stand on! I couldn't have hand picked a better husband for me and sweeter daddy for our girls.  I love you.

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