Monday, January 18, 2010

"Not Me Monday"

Since three weeks have gone by without a "Not Me Monday", I'm going to accumulate a few of my favorites from that time to share with you.

I DID NOT stay in my house for 3, maybe 4, days straight when the weather was so cold that snow and ice were on the ground. We weren't snowed in, and I WAS NOT just that lazy that I didn't want to bundle up Avery to see daylight.

During this time, I DID NOT also let my laundry pile up in a 3 foot heap on the floor of the laundry room. I AM NOT still trying to catch up on that.

On Christmas morning, I DID NOT set out toys under the tree from "Santa" that had already been given to Avery by her Aunt Jeannine. Michael never knew the difference and I DID NOT neglect to tell him either.

After getting Avery's social security number from Michael over the phone, I DID NOT get an operator signal when calling my mom back to give her those numbers. I DID NOT then realize I dialed Avery's SS# into the phone and not my mom's phone number.

I DID NOT take Avery outside on the coldest day of the year, right before it snowed that evening, just to try out my new lens.

It WAS NOT ME who kept taking pictures although it was very clear she was OVER this photo shoot.

It also WAS NOT ME who let my daughter eat grass and weeds. I DID NOT continue snapping away instead of stopping her.

That picture above DOES NOT remind me of an old western cowboy, staring down his enemy, chewing on a cigar, or weed, whatever. Kind of like this picture....

At least she resembles THAT Clint Eastwood, and not THIS Clint Eastwood....

My husband and I DID NOT let Avery suck on a lemon for the first time just for our pure entertainment. Her face WAS NOT sooo priceless, that we tried it again just to take a picture. This face doesn't even compare to the first one she made. Oh, and that's NOT her hand trying to push it away, either.

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  1. hahaha the second clint eastwood face was hilarious