Thursday, January 14, 2010


Can I first start off with a big "I'M SORRY"? I'm so, so sorry for neglecting all of you for three whole weeks. It seems like two months since I've blogged or even read anybody else's blogs. Since Christmas, a lot has happened, all good things thankfully, and I've been super busy just 'living life'. Between Christmas gatherings, taking down all decorations, reorganizing my house, moving furniture, cleaning out Avery's old clothes, getting my photography business up and running, and that one week that I walked around in daze with laundry piled up and wondering where to begin...I've just put the blog on the backburner.

Let me catch you up to speed on my past three weeks:

Avery celebrated her first Christmas at our house and played with everything she got!
We loaded up the car and headed to Glennville to celebrate Christmas with my family. Notice the after math of Christmas behind us. Since you're wondering, my mom had surgery on her hand and had to keep it elevated :(
Avery loved all of her gifts from Grandma, Grandpa, and her aunt and uncle.
Well, maybe not ALL of her gifts...
We met Jacob's girlfriend, Katie, and her son, Payton, for the first time. We love, love, love Katie (and Payton!) and are so, so, so happy she is in Jake's life:) We hope she's around for the long haul.
We rang in the New Year in style with about 20 friends over at the house. We then headed to Wild Bill's to see Randy Houser play. He sings, "I Got My Boots On" and "Whistling Dixie". My sister and I tooted our horns all night long and had a great time!
New Year's Day, my brother and Katie came up for a quick visit and we spent some more quality time together.
My big Christmas gift was a new lens from my mom. Here are some results of me playing around with it. Gracias madre'!
I couldn't resist!
During my three week hiatus, Avery also saw her first snow. This is our good friend Cliff.
Last but not least, and the main reason I've neglected to blog for three weeks, is because Paige Ewing Photography is officially open for business! I've been working hard on my website (or blog), getting business cards, researching and creating price lists, and I'm ready to announce my launch. Please take a look at my site, . You can also find my 'page' on Facebook and I encourage you to become a 'fan'. I specialize in babies, families, maternity, engagements, and weddings. I'm still building my 'portfolio' for all of these categories. If you, or someone you know, would like portraits done and are the first to book in that special category, you'll definitely receive a discount!

I promise not to wait that long again before I post another update. Thank you for your forgiveness:)

- Paige


  1. Best of luck with your new business! I know you will do well. Your website is great, love the pictures of Avery.....she's just beautiful!

  2. Katie looks like a wonderful person! and a cute little boy, Payton! I definitely will pray for Jacob & Katie's relationship to bloom!! and the pictures of the chic-fil-a princesses!!! OMG! I loved them all! You are going to do very well in your new biz!