Saturday, January 16, 2010

You're getting so big!

So much has changed in Avery's life in the past three weeks, the same three weeks I didn't blog one single minute, but that's beside the point. I wanted to dedicate an entire post to just what's happening with Miss A.

First of all...she has teeth! I think Santa slipped them into her stocking a little late because two days after Christmas on the ride home from Glennville, I noticed her gums breaking on the bottom. That answered a lot of my questions as to why she slept HORRIBLY the two nights we were there.

She is becoming more mobile every day. She can now walk in her walker, when before she just hopped around. It's quite funny and mind boggling to watch her travel across the floor. Although, to people who don't have children yet, it's nothing spectacular. She also will move into the crawl position from sitting on the ground, pulls up on her crib and play pen, and is better at standing up while holding onto things. This causes issues in the house because she wants to stand up ALL THE TIME and I have to watch her ALL THE TIME or she'll fall. If I try to place her in the sitting position, she will tighten her body like a board and refuse to bend at the waist and sit. She's practicing the 'tight drill' we teach flyers in cheerleading.

As of yesterday, new sounds are coming out of her mouth. It sounds like she's trying to articulate "da-da", but it really sounds like "bla-bla". Either way, she's making progress! I made a video of some of her accomplishments so far. I didn't get her 'talking', but you get to enjoy watching her cry and manipulate mommy, her favorite past time;)

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