Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Now that Avery's hair is starting to grow back in, it's a new color...blonde! We always wondered what color her hair would be when I was pregnant. There was the possibility of red hair, blonde hair, or brown hair. Well, now I have a good idea what she would look like with a variety of hair colors.

Here is Avery modeling a reddish-brown style from the 80's....

We call it the "Mullet" look.

Her next style was more like a retro Michael Jackson "Jerry Curl".

Two of Hebron's finest cheerleading coaches. I guess this picture proves to me why everyone says Avery looks like her daddy.


  1. hahahaha that last picture is just gross lol. lets hope she doesn't go for either of those colors! haha

  2. LOL Sooo funny love the expressions.. her new pic at the top of the page is beautiful aww gerber baby ( YaY)

  3. thanks for the absolute cutest pic at the top with cute hat! now it's my new desktop!
    My vote will be for reddish blonde!

  4. Oh, Paige! I never know what I will find when I come to your blog! This was too funny!!! Thanks for making me laugh. I love the pic of Avery at the those blue eyes, she looks like Jacob. Have a good day! Kathy in G'ville