Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Celebrating Halloween has always been a big deal at my house, right up there with Christmas (although the relevance of the two don't even compare). Fortunately, Glennville did the town's Trick-or-Treating the Thursday before Halloween, the same night we were coming through town on our way to St. Simons.

I couldn't get there fast enough to share this fun experience with Avery for the first time. She was dressed as a pumpkin, a costume my mom bought for her. We were a little late getting into town and as we drove down the main street in Glennville, tiny ghosts, ballerinas, and Batman characters were already swarming the sidewalks.

I had only two main stops for best friend Nicole's house, and our favorite photographer, Tammy Driggers' house.

It was so exciting to see the carloads, trailers, and golf carts full of kids dressed in their costumes. I actually ran into two of my Blogging Buddies,Julie and Heidi , and their precious kids. We opted to push Avery around in a stroller instead. Hope you enjoy the pictures of Avery Trick-or-Treating.

It was a beautiful night for Tricks or Treats...

Avery loves her Uncle Jacob, and he definitely loves her.
Avery is figuring out what's up with this chicken. This is Lincoln, and he was born 6 days after Avery.
Her first Lollipop! I know what you're thinking...but Nicole set it aside just for Avery :)
Everyone but my sister Jessica.
Where's Avery? My mom took these pictures the next day on her Halloween display.
Eating the leaves is Avery's favorite past time.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Too cute! I actually had to look twice to find her in the picture of all the fall decorations...she blends in so nicely! What a cute little costume!