Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Georgia vs. Florida

Every year, Michael and I go to St. Simons for the rivalry game, Georgia vs. Florida. This has been an ongoing trip for about 6 years now and we hope to continue the tradition. Neither of us actually attended UGA, but Michael is a big fan. We invite anyone who wants to go, and usually a big crowd travels with us. This year, it was a smaller crew and much more laid back.

Before we even got out of Atlanta, we stopped at the Varsity for some lunch. "What'll Ya Have?" says Avery.

After we dropped Avery off at my parents in Glennville for a three night stay, we were on our way to St. Simons. Friday morning, the boys got up early and went fishing in our boat we brought down with us. They caught nothing :( We then all road over to the Jekyll Island Club and had lunch. I forced my friend Cliff to pose for this picture so I could capture the beautiful trees. Aren't they gorgeous? I call this picture a 'Cliff-hanger'.
This is the St. Simons Lighthouse from the boat.
Soooo many people! We aren't the only Georgia fans who go to St. Simons for the weekend. Check out all those Dawg fans on the beach.
We always eat dinner at Benny's Red Barn Friday night.
The two scariest costumes of the night! The Geico Caveman and Varsity cook.
The ladies. We went to watch the game at Catch 228 on the island.
This is the whole crew the day of the game. It was a fun time...
...But I couldn't wait to get back to these beautiful blue eyes!

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  1. Love it!! Jess looks sooo pretty ..Hey Jess : )
    Now that Avery is rolling over ... she will be doing BHS before you know it LOL .. AMERICAN CHEERLEADER MAG here she comes : )