Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Photoshoot

If you haven't already figured out, I LOVE taking pictures. Pictures of Avery, my family, Avery, weddings, Avery, my dog...if it's important to me...I'm taking a picture of it. Every Fall, I drive down the road admiring the beautiful scenery of the multicolored leaves and only wish I could have a family picture taken in front of such beauty.

Well, instead of a family picture...I decided to take Avery's picture. She juuuuusssttt learned how to sit up on her own, and it was perfect timing for a FALL PHOTO SHOOT! She is five and a half months old and already sitting up like a big girl:) Enjoy!

Isn't she beautiful? On another note...I'm very interested in beginning a small photography career on the side (of being a mom). If you, or someone you know, would like to have baby, engagement, wedding, or family portraits taken at a VERY REASONABLE price, I'm your gal! Spread the word :)


  1. Paige! These are soooo good! I love the one with her arms out...it looks like she's saying "ta-da!" I also really like the one of her sitting up (it's right above the picture of her with a funny face...) it is so pretty - it looks like the leaves are falling perfectly in the background! I will definitely "spread the word"....there are some teachers I work with that I know would probably be interested.

  2. Hi! i just stumbled on your blog and your little one is just precious! What fabulkous pictures you took. What a gift! Have a great week.

  3. Paige, these pictures are beautiful!! You have a gorgeous family! Love them!