Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet in the Middle

Living 4 hours away from my parents proves the saying correct, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Grandma Debbie just couldn't take being away from her blue-eyed grandbaby any longer and met me in Macon for a quick visit. I traveled 2 hours south, and she traveled 2 hours north where we "Meeeet in the middle, 'neeth that old Georgia piiiiine!" (referencing an old country song).

We didn't have an agenda other than to just hang out. The only thing I knew to do in Macon (for free) was to walk along the River Walk by the river. It's beautiful, scenic, peaceful....and FLOODED! Yes, as I drove over the bridge, the entire sidewalk and benches are covered in water. There goes my plan :( What's plan B? Photo shoot time!!!!

Avery is introduced to her new teething toy and looks bewildered.
"MMmmmm, Blueberry Special K bar. Don't mind if I do!"
What a cutie:)
Glamour Shots 2009
This is her "Thinking pose"
After our Friday night photo shoot in the hotel room, haha... we decided to tour Downtown Macon the next day.

We found a wonderful restaurant called Market City Cafe. The weather was perfect so we ate outside and enjoyed the awesome day.
Guess who showed up! Santa Claus!!! His shirt says "Be nice, I know Santa!"
He actually is the Santa Claus for a Chick-Fil-A in Macon. He was very nice to stop his lunch and pose with Avery. This was her first time meeting Santa. What you don't see are his camoflauge pants.
Keeping with the Christmas spirit...Avery found a reindeer and decided to take a ride.
She also propped herself up on a moose. She's a silly goose.
Meeting in the middle is going to be a common activity in the future. The 4 hour total drive sure beats the 8 hour total trip for either of us to go all the way. Thanks Mom for a great weekend. Let's do it again, soon!


  1. What a great idea! I feel bad for your mom cause I know how much she loves Avery. I'm glad ya'll have found a way to get together more often! Your blog gets better and better! Kathy from G'ville

  2. YAY she is growing.. love the pics : ) your such a pretty MOM awww : )

  3. who brought the blue thing? and she looks like a hungry chick in the 3rd picture lol. I MISS HER! :(