Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey makes people crazy

I am so thankful for my friends, especially the ones from college. After all, that is where I met my handsome hubby. In Milledgeville, Georgia, there are a lot of historical homes right around the campus of Georgia College and State University. One house in particular is very special to a wide group of people and the mail box to that house reads 331 W. Montgomery Street.
A group of guys lived there and developed a friendship that quickly spread to anyone who stepped foot on their front porch, including cute college girls. That is how I met Michael, at "331". For four or five years, any guys who lived in this house were immediately a part of this 'fraternity' and so were their prettier other halves. They've been in each other's weddings and now we welcome little "331-ers" into the family. This is the second year we've hosted the crew over for a Thanksgiving dinner at the house. It's a good excuse for a much needed reunion!

Everyone was waiting on Sleeping Beauty to wake up for the party.
Cliff is checking out Avery's Fuzz Head. I wouldn't even know Michael if it weren't for Cliff :)
Last year, I was the only one pregnant. This year, we have THREE little babies on the way! Two are due in April and the other in June.
This is my sister, Jessie, showing off her pregnant (turkey) belly. She asked to wear my ring for the picture so the baby wouldn't be illegitimate. (If you haven't picked up on the joke by now, she's not pregnant!)
This is where things started to get a little weird. Trust me, only sweet tea was served at dinner.
Shocked by all the paparazzi following me.
Our friend Drew, doing only the good Lord knows what.
We kept trying to convince everyone we were in Milledgeville for college, but there was that insane asylum there.
This was absolutely the funniest moment of the night. The doorbell rings, and a single woman shows up with a gift for "Marissa". There's no Marissa at our house, but we tried to accept the gift. She was at the wrong house, and we sent her on her way, laughing as the door closed.

Then, a few minutes later, the doorbell rings again. Before I could grab Cotton and open the door myself, the door slings open and in walks all these ladies, barging into my house! I couldn't stop laughing fast enough to tell them they were at the wrong house. At this point, all my friends are dying laughing and yelling, "Come on in...the gifts are over there!" The lady in the front kept walking in and took off her shoes!! Hahhahaha. It was hilarious. I felt so bad for them because 20 people were all laughing and yelling at them. Best moment of the night.
After everyone left, even the ladies bearing gifts, Avery settled in with Aunt Jessie to watch Daughtry on the AMA's. Don't worry, she DID NOT see Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert's performance, ugh!
"Lord, thank you for all the GREAT FRIENDS in my life".


  1. Only you would have people show up to the wrong house AND catch it on film....I would have been on the floor doubled up in laughter!! The lady coming through the door with gifts is hysterical!! I thank God for counting you as one of my great are definitely a bright spot in my life!

  2. That was definitely me taking the pictures, although i WAS cracking up laughing sooo hard! lol. Btw, glad I finally made the blog in a normal (kinda) way.