Monday, November 9, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

Welcome to your weekly fix of my shameful (or unashamed) moments. Feel free to leave a few of your own Not Me's in the comment box. I would love to hear from my guy readers (ahem..Dad, Michael, and Rob!)

I DID NOT switch Avery's rice cereal to oatmeal in attempt to control her uncontrollable gas. I DID NOT do this because I'm starting to get embarrassed when she passes gas in public. I DO NOT have to look at the person next to me as say, "Sorry, that was her."

After finding an unopened box of baby oatmeal left over from a baby shower game, I DID NOT empty an entire canister of Soy Baby Formula into the trash can just so I could fill that canister with the newly found baby oatmeal. Not me!

I DID NOT allow my team mom to take hideous pictures of Avery in ugly wigs just for our own entertainment. I DID NOT dedicate an entire post about it either.

I DID NOT let my five month old play with a plastic bag for fun, even though I know the dangers of plastic bags. She was completely supervised and had a pacifier in her mouth, so it wasn't like she was eating the bag. (Am I allowed to justify my "Not Me's"?)

When attending our school pep rally to honor our cheerleaders, I DID NOT have to resort to hiding under the gym bleachers to feed Avery because she refused the bottle. I DID NOT peek through the crevices in the bleachers to 'people watch' while feeding her, either. No way, not me!

After getting home from this pep rally, I DID NOT find the refrigerator door had been left cracked open for over 4 hours! I DID NOT have to pour two bottles of milk down the drain since they had gotten warm :( I DID NOT secretly blame my husband because he restocked the entire door and weighed it down with condiments and such, making the door unable to close like it used to. (I love you Michael!)

I DID NOT balance Avery on our steps to get some cute pictures. That would be dangerous, and I would NEVER do that.

While shopping at Carter's for Avery yesterday, I DID NOT switch a pair of brown pants with a pair of white pants on matching outfits just so I could get the pants I wanted with the cuter top. Nor did I mix and match a 6 month top with a 9 month pair of pants. Not me!

As I was feeding Avery her oatmeal, she DID NOT kick the bowl with her foot, spilling half of the oatmeal on the counter. I DID NOT scoop up the spilled food from the counter top with a spoon and feed it to her in an attempt to salvage the food.

I DID NOT put Avery in my baby doll bed from my childhood. I DID NOT put a baby doll bonnet on her head and take pictures, either. Nope, not me!


  1. As crack me up!! Love the doll bed pictures!! You know...Avery's gas is my secret entertainment...I hate to see it go....

  2. I DID NOT purposely run out of dog food, because I did not want to go to the store. Since I DID NOT run out of dog food, I DID NOT feed my sweet, harmless puppy leftover baby food. I DID NOT use the leftover plastic bowl of sweet potatoes as lunch for my sweet, harmless puppy. NOPE NOT ME!!! I would never do that.

    Paige- Thanks for all the laughs!

  3. Love it! I have NEVER blamed Jeffrey for leaving the refrigerator open when it was really me. I have NEVER left said refrigerator open and let everything spoil even though ours has the built in "alarm" that sounds after it has been open for more than 1 minute!! aaah!!! There is nothing worse than throwing out an entire fridge full of fresh groceries! Hope you and Avery are good....let's plan another get-together! ;0)