Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Crickets Make Healthy Meals

My father, the Cricket Farmer, had a trade show in Duluth, Georgia this weekend. Yes, I just said my dad is a 'Cricket Farmer'. That's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day. Since he was in town, Avery went to visit him at the REPTILE show!!

There actually are people in this world who want snakes, frogs, lizards, and other scaley animals as their pets. That's where Armstrong's Cricket Farm comes in. They provide the crickets as food for these pets. That leads us to the title, "Happy Crickets Make Healthy Meals". You can see this slogan on the banner above Avery with her Poppa Jeff.

These are some of the smaller crickets my dad sells at the cricket farm. They are only one week old.
And these are the tiny frogs that eat these tiny crickets. They are called 'poisonous colorful' frogs.
Here is Avery eating the end of a pencil as my dad looks on. He must have not been looking when she jammed that pencil too far down her throat and gagged. Oh well, babies are resilient.
Dad took Avery around the building and showed her all the snakes, lizards, and frogs she could handle. This is the first time Dad had the pleasure of seeing Avery at one of his shows.
What a great picture! I don't think he's any prouder.
Avery got to see some colorful, and noisy, birds while she was there.
Her crazy granddad was making her laugh.
She wanted to touch the parrot, and probably put it in her mouth, since that is where everything else goes!
She couldn't leave the show without getting a picture made with the gecko Santa. Everyone has a picture of themselves with a gecko Santa, right?
Thanks Dad for letting us visit you at the trade show. Come back soon, ya hear!


  1. Dad said he had a great time with her at the show. Looking at the pictures I can tell she had a large interest in her environment. She is very alert. Tell her "hey!! "This is Grandma" and I miss her. Love Mom

  2. What a great time for all!! Love the pics, so cute!