Saturday, December 5, 2009

Standing Tall

Things are moving quickly in the Ewing household. Avery loves to stand up, and wants to do it quite often. It was barely a month ago that she learned to sit up on her own, and now she is balancing with the help of various furniture around the house.

The second video is of her pulling up from sitting on my leg. She can't do it directly from the ground yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. And no...she is not crawling yet, nor does she show an interest in doing so, either.


  1. Big Girl! I am soooo impressed! =) I love seeing all that she is doing lets me see what's next (hopefully) for Libbi! I've missed all the Avery updates! Any teeth yet??

  2. It just does something to my heart to be able to see her make these developmental milestones. Thank you so much for the pictures and videos. You never crawled and I doubt she will either. If you can skip a step, why not, proves you are talented and don't need to wast time on things more important. I want to see a video of us on the phone together.